Martina Armour Is The One To Watch With Her Spectacular Debut Single “Trouble”

Martina Armour is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter who delivers deeply personal, yet relevant and relatable content. Her music is a captivating blend of folk-pop with the underlying energy of rock music. Her melancholic vocals and lyrics aim to connect with listeners from all over the world through the catchy and accessible nature of her songs. Martina’s debut single “Trouble” came out in the summer of 2019 and is now available on all major streaming platforms! 

“Trouble” focuses on Martina’s deeply personal feelings and gives the listener an introspective view of her thoughts on love. Martina’s ability to set the scene and to move from the imagery of the verses to the intimacy and central sentiments of the hook makes for something that manages to captivate on its own strength alone. Nothing fancy or overly flashy is needed to brighten up the energy of “Trouble”, the realness of Martina’s lyrics work with the genuine vibrancy of the performance. It feels like a live performance, a moment of truth captured, with nothing to hide behind. You can hear Martina’s connection to the subject matter, and that makes all the difference. We can’t wait to hear more from this up and coming artist! 

Check out “Trouble” here and read more with Martina in our exclusive interview below! 

Hello Martina Armour! We're beyond happy to be featuring you and your debut release "Trouble" on BuzzMusic! What’s it like for you to finally be releasing your music to the public?

Hi BuzzMusic, thank you so much for featuring me! To finally have my first single released has been such a whirlwind of feelings. Relief mixed excitement, happiness and fear. What if no one will listen to it? What if only my mom will stream it… What if, what if… It’s really hard finally releasing something into the world that you’ve spent months working on in your own cave not knowing how it’s gonna be received. But so far ‘Trouble’ has exceeded my expectations!

"Trouble" is flooded with articulate emotions. What feelings did you want listeners to be washed over with when listening to the song?

I want the listeners to feel that struggle between desire and danger. It’s that moment when you want something so much but you fear it might be the end of you. Really like playing with fire, someone’s gonna get hurt. But us humans tend to dismiss logic when we really, really want something. 

Is live performance something that’s important to you? How do you feel when you're performing? Can you describe the essence of your shows?

I do really enjoy performing live, it’s very electric and I think it’s an important way to connect to your listeners. I do get varies degrees of stage fright but it dissolves once I start singing and get out of my own head. My shows are very intimate and acoustic, it feels like I truly leave a piece of my heart on stage. It’s funny because I’m such a control freak where I rehearse everything very meticulously but when it comes to stage banter, I just can’t plan it. All improvised (with various results of success, haha!). So that’s something I’m working on. 

Have you always lived in Los Angeles? How do you think being based here influences your sound and artistry?

I actually grew up in Sweden, but I’ve lived in LA for 9 years so I’m starting to feel very rooted here. Being in LA, you are exposed to so much great music. There are shows everywhere and all the bands I love usually makes a stop here, so I’m very fortunate. I get so much out watching live shows, whether it’s something intimate at Hotel Cafe or huge like Hollywood Bowl. It’s from those live shows I get a lot of inspiration. Also being surrounded by people who are constantly pushing for their dreams, really helps me stay motivated and wanting to do the same.

 It was amazing showcasing "Trouble" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! Any words you'd like to leave the BuzzMusic community off with?!

I’d like to thank the BuzzMusic community for reading this. If you like the song check out the music video for it, out now! I was fortunate to work with such amazing people. The story is told by two dancers and they’re so good it gives me chills every time. Also, if you’re curious to hear more of my music you can check me out on Spotify. If you press that follow button next to Martina Armour, you’ll automatically keep up with my upcoming releases. Next up is a song called ‘Knife’, recorded at the iconic The Village Studios which I can’t wait for you to hear! Hope to see you online or at a venue near you.