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Martize Delivers The Heat On "500 Degrees"!

A songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer, Martize is a multi-faceted talented individual who is a once in a lifetime type of artist. Whether it’s his harmonizing melodies or raunchy wordplay, Martize knows how to get the job done. Martize's releases his single titled “500 Degrees” and he was able to deliver an exclusive flow with charactable lyrics that showcases his unique caliber of a songwriter. The beat in “500 Degrees” reminds me similar to a beat that Drake would hop on and kill. However, Tize shows us we don’t need a drake for the heat to still be distributed! Tize absolutely demolishes the beat with a flow so addictive and fire you can’t help but love. His rap style reminds me of those A-list rappers who had a career filled with longevity and success such as Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Drake. I say this due to the substance he has to his artistry instead of being a regular aspiring rapper who has no actual raw talent behind their image. Just simply a brand to give. Martize professionalism as a rapper could be also influenced by his personal music inspirations who includes Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, 2Pac, and Stevie Wonder.

“The first album that made me want to pursue music was Jay-Z’s 'American Gangster' and from this day on I’ve been writing raps in a notebook full of math notes”.

Tize's ability to storytell alongside the creation of vivid images he paints for us is surreal and takes you by storm. If there’s any adjective I can describe this rapper that can best exemplify what kind of prodigy we’re dealing with, it’s iconic.

Make sure you give a listen to Martize's "500 Degrees" on Spotify!


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