Martize Kicked It into High Gear This Year with Release of 20-Song Album “0919”

Martize is an artist that is the epitome of ambitious, especially when looking at the year he’s had so far. A songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer Martize is truly independent and hell-bent on getting his message across through music. An extremely versatile talent, Martize delivers everything from smooth R&B harmonies to quirky wordplay and everything in between. He kicked off 2019 with the release of his single “500 degrees” which garnered the up and coming artist much attention for his EP “Two Birds One Stone”, which featured two more brand new original singles from Martize. “Yfm” is my personal favorite for the seductive writing and captivating soundscape. His full-length album “0919” released later in the year, featuring 20 original songs and only one feature from Yellow Wood.

More recently, Martize took his most successful; single “500 Degrees” and dropped a new music video and says his fans can expect more video for songs featured on “0919” Martize has used his multi-skillset to amassed thousands of fans, streams, and views combined. His original content and consistent releases set him apart in a big way. The way he’s able to switch from vocalizing to rapping and back makes him the artist watch as he spearheads into 2020!  

Check out the “0919” album here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Martize! It’s such a pleasure to be chatting with you again. You seem to be an artist that puts a substantial amount of thought into your lyrics! Who/what has inspired you to be the artist you are today?

Life as a whole inspires me, I take whatever emotion I feel and put it in a song or use it as a start off for an idea. But if we’re talking about sounds that inspire me, we could say the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Kanye West and a host of others. This journey in itself has been inspiring to be honest.

“Yfm” is an energizing and refreshing new song. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

Well, this song actually was put together in an ironic way. I had this song for some time, I just didn’t know how to approach it. So one day Shanno created this beat, and I just had begun humming over this beat and before you know it YFM was created. This song actually took no more than 30 minutes it was just pure emotion and vocal exercises that took place all in one sitting.

“0919” is a huge project! It’s a super impressive release from an independent artist. What do you hope your new listeners gain from experiencing this release?  

Thank you. I want to listen or to gain just confidence in themselves he learns his self-love is a big thing like throughout this album hours I guess you could say battling but in the end, if like I got to the point where it is like yo all I need is me and myself. Also, I wanted to inspire the people that want to give up to let them know that it’s more about where you start it’s about where you finish what are you doing to get to point a to point B. This album represents a tenure journey for a reason to inspire.

“Sky Blue” gives us an introspective look at your thoughts. Can you tell us the meaning behind the lyrics on this track?

Well with sky blue it was more so of a feeling where artists have to portray a certain type of a Persona to be successful rather than being themselves and it’s like the game was based on a saying which goes “fake it till you make it”. I was bringing it to light that no need to do that beer so you have gray clouds right now but one day the great cloud will be a blue sky. 

The new music video for “500 Degrees” is brilliant! What song are you choosing next to drop visuals for?

So this might sound crazy but I am shooting a video to every single song on this album. Yes, that is 20 videos I’m shooting for this album. The next video will be coming soon so definitely be on the lookout for that.

Thank you so much for chatting with us. What else are you working on artistically through the end of 2019?

I’m gearing towards launching my Prosperous One's line which will include album Merch And brand merch. Also, as I mentioned earlier I will be shooting videos for every single song on this album.