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Martize Will Have the Last Laugh In His Album, "Jokes on You"

A songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer Martize is an artist that you come by once in a lifetime. Whether he drizzles his audience in a harmonizing track or bawdy wordplay record, Martize gets the job done. Raised in the Chicago Westside area, Martize always had an ear and love for music, which sprouted his ability to tell stories like no other.

In a short span of time, Martize is fresh off the release of his 18 track concept album, “Jokes on You,” a story that takes you through the ropes that Martize endures as we dive into the depths of agony, vulnerability, and ingenious artistry. Recruiting artists such as Kae Goo, NDPNDNT, and Gotti, Martize utilizes this opportunity to extensively sweep you through an abundance of elements in the domain of cognizant truth-telling, and penetrating liveliness that infiltrates your mindset.

We’re visible to an assortment of stylings and weaving paths that Martize ventures through as he rides out the modern wave of Hip-hop. Commencing the album with the introductory single and title track, “jokes on you,” you’re instantaneously offered up to a tempo that lures you into the melodies in an enticing manner that raises the stakes in anticipation. Alluring to the point of having us fully entranced in which direction he will approach the album in, we’re fully invested in the sweet soundscapes that dip into tranquil depths of creativity.

There is something to say about the diversity heard on the instrumentations that continue to reign supreme in the collection of songs brought forth in, “Jokes on You.” Gracefully fluent with the slick manner of stirring tenors, this album is a prime example of how a kingdom of versatility flourishes into the musical canvases that are embraced.

With tracks such as, “LOYALTY,” “Flesh N Blood x Targets,” and “UP,” enlivening the dynamism to a high voltage immersive experience of lyrical dexterity that flexes upon hard-hitting bars, we grasp the quintessence that is Martize. Drowning in a swarm of influences that hang in the artistic hues he provides, Martize embodies components from Tory Lanez, Big Sean, and Joyner Lucas. Not only dripping in witty quips, but there is also fundamental honesty that lures you into the emotional profoundness that Martize feels day in and day out.

Redefining the connotation of Contemporary R&B elements that fuse this genre together with the vigorous conveyance of Hip-hop vitality, “To Be Selfish,” “No Forcing,” and “Broken Promises,” allow us to simmer in the heavenly vocal range that Martize effortlessly flaunts throughout these intrapersonal offerings. The ultimate balancing act of intense Hip-hop cadences, with suave R&B melodies, has Martize elevating to a dimension of newfound heights.

Transitioning into various moods, the inviting tenors remain consistent as Martize creates larger-than-life images that send you to a comforting zone of daydreams and utter bliss. “Save Me,” and “pamphlets,” allow the nostalgic varieties of R&B to weigh into the messaging that Martize performs. With the outro, “See You (Little Angel),” tying up any loose ends that may have been floating in the midst, Martize uses this opportunity to shed the ultimate vulnerable serving of himself to his fan base.

The entire album takes the best traits of Martize as an artist and individual to further complexity in the messaging that he so graciously lets up. We suggest that you take an hour of your time to delve into the various emotions that Martize emits on this 18 track album. Substance is hard to come by, and Martize has most definitely got it.

Congratulations on the release of your album, “Jokes on You.” With such a wide variety of songs that cater to various moods and tones, what can you tell us about the intricate selection of songs that you picked for this project?

These are songs that expressed a very difficult time in my life and I resulted in music that would represent that vibe. These songs are all ranges of natural emotions just from the standpoint of sound.

What was it like collaborating with the featured artists that we hear on this project? Could you please tell us how the collaborations came to be, and why you decided on the names that you did?

It was actually a very natural thing between me and the artist I reached out to be apart of this album. These collaborations came from me wanting to expand my sound and branch out to other artists that I enjoy listening to. “TLC” was actually NDPNDNT’s song I featured on but I asked him can I have it for my album because it was a perfect fit. I asked Kae Goodie to bless me with soothing vocals that fit the aura of the lyrics and she did just that.

Now, the “Alissa Cruz interlude" came about by me listening to her covers on Instagram and YouTube. I had to reach out to ask her to be apart of this album because I enjoyed it a lot. Gotti laid down his verse on “out my way” very quickly and I knew he would because that song is in his pocket and style.. he did it justice like I knew he would.

“Better strangers” was a song that I wanted to show my take on full-fledged R&B.. so I asked Tori can she lay down background vocals on the bridge to give it more dynamics than CareFree Key blessed the end with an amazing guitar solo.

Do you have a particular song on, “Jokes on You,” that resonates with you more than the others? If so, what’s your reasoning?

I can’t handpick one song because all of these songs resonate with a part of my life. My favorite song on this project switches daily and I like that because it shows the truth in all of the records. Sonically, every song on this project has its own moment.

How long did it take you to create and record this entire body of work? Are there any memorable stories from the process?

This is album took about ten days to make; however, I took two and half months to polish up everything making sure the vocals and production are correct. This was a different recording process from any of my other projects because I was in the studio with the engineer. These were some of the best sessions I ever had from the creations to the vibes.. it was very dope.

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given through your artistic career?

“Careers take off just gotta be patient” that’s some of the best advice for any artist because it’s not about where you start it’s all about where you finish. The goal is always to work and keep working no matter what is thrown your way just keep prospering.



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