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Marton Juhasz Releases New Jazz Infused Single "Stino"

Here we have funky jazz with intention. You’ve decided to head out on a mid-evening ramble in a part of the city you don’t normally visit. And you feel pretty alright about everything, despite all the swirling chaos (not to mention cement gridlock). It’s a cool evening, after all, emphasis on cool. So put on a sport coat and disappear into a world of lamp-lit streets.

Marton Juhasz has got all the ingredients to keep things flowing in his new single "Stino": warm trumpets are like a cocktail for your insides, a trombone that’s thick but not muddy, piano chords — full blown but not too all-over-the-place — and solos that are, like, totally out of control but never unhinged. I don't think people will appreciate how difficult it is to create music with this level of technicality, especially given how experimental it is.

Juhasz has played with big names like Lionel Loueke, Byron Wallen, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Gilad Hekselman, and it sure seems like he's managed to internalize their approaches. I love how long it took me to realize I wasn’t listening to words, but just this (almost) never-ending soul scatting. Sometimes it seems like three or four different instruments are laughing together, where one bubbles over from a chuckle to an outburst and the other pulls back. It’s like you just listened to an intriguing NPR podcast and now you can turn your attention to making a positive step forward in your own life.

Listen to "Stino" here.

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