Marvel in Duo OMX's Latest Release, "Wild"

February 18, 2020

Artists OMX are here to bring qualities of their music to light. OMX consists of a pair of lifelong friends from France--one attributing skills to guitars, and the other to the cello. Together, they design a thoughtful and vivid production, all filled with a surplus of bright and positive messages.  OMX only debuted their music back in August, which was such an initial surprise to us as listeners, mostly because their music does not seem like the music of an emerging artist. OMX offers a sound that is timeless, a sound we've undoubtedly heard before, but this time around it has morphed into something bigger and better. OMX brings a sense of humanity to their music, which is ultimately the one quality that can't be fabricated. OMX is the real deal, and their recently released track "Wild" proves it.

There's almost an immediate sense of rejuvenation offered in the production of OMX's track "Wild". It's atmospheric and full of a particular sense of magic and hope. The actual lyrical content of "Wild" seems to match these production qualities.  OMX uses "Wild" to deliver a sense of yearning and the deeper, more vulnerable emotions familiar to everyone. Once we arrive over halfway into the track, we receive a completely bigger-than-life performance, and you must listen in order to understand exactly what it is we mean. OMX makes listeners feel good.  Collectively, and with help from artist Oslho, it makes you feel purposeful.  “Wild" offers moments of calamity, regeneration, and ultimately, hope.

Listen to "Wild" here.