Marvleen’s Dream Drops “Name Been Ringing” With Rakzfifth & Yung Heir

Marvleen's Dream LLC is a creative agency, founded by Christian Mulwa, named after his late sister Marvleen. His design collective's main purpose is to empower and inspire communities through different platforms involving art, design, music, etc.

"I'm fighting against special interests. I tend to do things differently than others. I hope to one day inspire a whole generation, maybe change the world, provide a better place for my family and I. People who don’t understand that mindset are zombies." 

- Christian Mulwa

“Name Been Ringing” is the latest drop produced by both Rakzfifth & Marvleen’s Dream. Yung Heir drops flawless bars and catchy lyricism. The beat is expertly mixed and hard-hitting. A refreshing hip-hop track with rhythmic textured and a trap melody, “Name Been Ringing” showcases Marvleen’s Dream’s skills as a producer. Marvleen’s Dream specializes in the creation of classic boombap hip-hop, lo-fi hip-hop, and authentic tracks for various music artists. “Nme Been Ringing” is an absolute banger and I highly recommend you add it to your playlist. Timeless and authentic, Marvleen’s Dream is equipped with an ear for excellence. He’s able to fuse old school beats with a contemporary hip-hop flow. I highly recommend you give “Name Been Ringing” a listen and check out Marvleen’s Dream’s dope repertoire on Spotify! 

Listen to “Name Been Ringing” here and read more with Marvleen’s Dream in our exclusive interview below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Christian! Where are you from? How does your city affect who you are as an artist/producer?

My name is Christian also known as Marvleen's Dream. I was born in Eldoret, Kenya moved to the states when I was like 6 years old. pretty much grew up in Columbus, Ohio til I was like 17 when I moved to Cincinnati and I've been out here ever since. being born from Africa you just see the world different. you can cry over spilled milk and there's bigger fish to fry. Just seeing those hardship as a kid and just seeing everything my mother went thru as an only parent really inspired me to continue our family's legacy and make not only them proud but myself as well. 95% of my family is still in Kenya till this day, its a beautiful country. I went back to live there for a year when I was 14-15. It was an acid trip without being on acid because I was this Americanized boy who was really African and I just had an identity crisis that I had to eventually overcome and be proud off. I'm from the source and I'm proud to know where I came from. most people have to use ancestory or 23 and me, etc just to trace their heritage and its just different when you know where your from, and what tribe and being a dual citizen I can be here and there.

Can you tell us more about Marvleen’s Dream and how this project came to fruition?

I named my company and artist name after my late sister Marvleen so I would always take it seriously. she's one of my guardian angels and will always be a light in my life.

I've always been an artist, I love to draw, sculpt, and paint and even went to college for fine arts. Eventually just being around friends in Cincinnati who were making music I feel in love with the process on how you can express yourself thru different mediums. my love for music has always been there of course, just being a 90s baby that whole era was just authentic and real.

so when I try to make to music I just try to make good music, nothing for the hype just something smooth and feel good. something I would vibe to and be inspired off of.

What was the creation process like for “Name Been Ringing”? Have you worked with Yung Heir before? Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

"Name Been Ringing" was something that happened by chance. My boy Rakz Fifth is one of the most talented producers and he happens to be in cincy. I usually reach out to him if I'm having difficulties with trying to get my point across with the beats so he's always blessing me with beat collabs and knowledge about the music industry. one day I was one Instagram just dm artist's that inspired me around my area and yung heir responded, I sent him out some beats and nothing was the same. That's the homie its only a matter of time before we drop some other gems.

When Marvleen's Dream first started I was just doing pop up shows for my paintings, that turned into a clothing line and from there I started doing music and trying to become an entrepreneur thru other investments.

What's next for Marvleen's Dream?

I always feel like I'm on the bottom so I guess the only way is up god willing. I want to do everything that involves art and inspire as much people in the world that I can to follow their dreams and be smart. trust that gut feeling and be safe. I want to take music seriously. Kanye and Jay z are my heroes in the game, their pretty much my spirt animals being ying and yang. Eventually I would like to start writing lyrics and drop my own songs but for now I just want to produce good music and connect those dots and maybe drop an album before 2020.


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