Mashawi Discusses His New EP "Rise N Shine" In Exclusive Interview

Hey there Mashawi! Amazing that we get a chance to catch up! How has the music world been for you thus far?

I must say it's been pretty good thus far, but it never stops. In this industry you are always working on yourself and trying to improve what you can with whatever connections and resources you have. You always have to do your research, figure out your next moves and be ten steps ahead. As an musician, you are always learning about new things you never thought of and don't be afraid to make mistakes. You learn from them. 

Congrats on your latest EP release of "Rise N Shine"! How did you feel your sound executed within the entire album? Were there creative challenges on your end when curating?

Thank you so much! Well, this is my first studio recording ever and I did everything on my own budget. The sound came together very organically, I did my research for beats and a couple producers contacted me and then I wrote to the beats I was feeling. I am happy with the sound because its me, but you will always change and grow your sound with more experience and with a great team. There are always creative challenges when putting your artwork together for release. For example, I had to rerecord, remix and remaster a couple of the tracks on the album because it wasn't up to par with what I had imagined. And you need a good studio engineer and producer to give you that sound and push to produce your best work.

What do you think sets apart your new EP from music you first started creating when you started out in music?

I feel my EP is more of me, but still at the beginning of a long and wonderful music career. I would say I have stepped up my game with more qualified producers and sound engineers because that is key to the process. And now I am working with some great songwriters because its always good to broaden your songwriting skills and get different perspectives. Having a diverse life experience will help develop your music from the heart and make it that real.  

"Run Up" is going to be your latest single release after the EP! How are you feeling about the way this particular track was executed in the end?

Yes it is! I just create the music and send it out into the universe, hoping to inspire others. And I try to promote as much as possible on my own by social media, doing shows etc and just really getting the music out there. It can be difficult at times, but don't give up there's always an ear listening.  

What kind of ultimate goals do you have for yourself as an artist?

Well, for me once I'm involved in something I dive right in. And this is my passion so, I would like to do a world tour, selling out arenas, win Grammy's, inspire billions of people through my music, change lives, and use my International Studies Degree to make a positive international change for everyone. I'm a big dreamer.  

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