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“Matches,” Sparks a Flame in Each of Us

Independent singer-songwriter Sirota deems herself a spazz, that counters that glitchy, child-like charm with grounded, self-aware perspectives on matters of the heart and head.

Born and raised in South Brooklyn, NY, she has a love for R&B, terrible hand-eye coordination, and is not shy of opinions, nor does she hold back from expressing them through her music. Being the introspective baddie that she is, Sirota is intent on keeping her vocals smooth, warm, and vulnerable, in turn easing listeners into her eccentric atmosphere.

Inviting her audience into her most recent release, “Matches,” Sirota brings forth a tantalizing soundscape that thrives on her sensual, yet heartrending vocal performance. The instrumentation is heavy on warm violin strings, chiming synths, and a vibrant drum pattern that immerses you speakers in infectious grooves.

Rich harmonies accompany the striking croons from Sirota as she vividly opens up her universe for her audience to come swarming in. “Matches,” depicts the chronicle of someone incessantly burning you, but you continue to return to them despite knowing the repercussions.

Never one to shy away from her unfiltered self, the blatant messaging laced into “Matches,” acts as a letter to someone or various people who have tested the flammability of the emerging artist herself. Stating such a relevant subject in a way that is unique to her own talents, Sirota pulls us into each mesmerizing timbre as the atmospheric indulgence serves up melodious harmonic lyrics.

With a nimble yet dominant tone to her enunciation, Sirota brings life-like images to the words she dramatically performs. We can all relate to the spark and burn caused by toxicity; that’s why we suggest taking in all that is Sirota’s latest single so you can smother out the flames coming back for more.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Sirota, and congratulations on the release of “Matches.” We love the theme behind this song and overall the way that you executed this piece with the perfect blend of poise and sass. Was there a specific moment or story that shaped the thesis of “Matches?”

Hello! Thanks for having me on BuzzMusic! Oh yes, there’s a bit of a story surrounding “Matches”. Like with many an artist, the fallout of a romantic “entanglement” inspired this piece. This romantic dynamic was one that resurfaced from time to time and was always sort of a “one foot in, one foot out” romance/friendship/who-the-heck-knows vibe. In the end, I was real smitten but painfully misled. A letdown for sure, but sheesh was I motivated to write a bold, therapeutic, cry-no-more bop.

How long did it take you to create this song? Did you find the creative process fairly simple to execute or more difficult than other songs composed?

It took me about two weeks to get the “skeleton” of the song down. The frustration and disappointment I had regarding my romantic situation were good fuels that propelled this song into existence pretty quickly. I had very specific colors, intentions, and themes in mind early on, which was not the case with every piece of the EP. The idea of celebrating something so devastating really clicked for me. I had been listening to “Tears Dry On Their Own” by Amy Winehouse and “Hold Up” by Beyoncé a lot right before making “Matches”. Though both of those artists are quite different, I think there’s something so confident, undefeated, and celebratory about the theses of their songs. I was excited to convey a similar message.

Was there anyone else helping you to achieve the top-notch production quality radiated in “Matches?” How did they contribute to the desired sound?

Yes! My wonderful producers Misha Scott and Noah Levine of Bloom Productions in Philly. I started working with them pre-pandemic, so I was commuting from Brooklyn every weekend to work in their studio. Once the pandemic hit, we had to pivot and turn this EP into a quarantined cutie, which was a unique experience. Misha and Noah helped refine and enhance my vision, as well as bring their very detailed and distinct style to the table. Also, shoutout to Yesseh Furaha-Ali on Tenor Sax, Eric Sherman on Trumpet, and Mollie Rose on Violin!

Throughout your artistic career this far, what has been your proudest moment?

Tough one! I’m proud that I didn’t rush this debut EP. Its creation stretched out over the course of two years, and I think I needed that time to fully grasp what story I was

telling, and what the musical common thread was. I’m also over the moon that my producers and I were able to create such a cohesive project during one of the most difficult years the world has seen in a minute, and all while being in different states. It was a privilege and I am eternally grateful. Like, damn.

What's next for you?

I am super thrilled to be working on another music video at the moment! It’s very playful and feels like a real embodiment of what’s often going on in my brain, I think the piece is quite the party. Live shows too, of course, are always on the up-next list, once we get the green light from the CDC. Gotta stay safe and keep writing music inside until then!



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