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Mateo Angel Releases "Let Me Down""

A 20 year old artist and student, Mateo Angel crafts dreamy emotional pop music right from his bedroom. In only the span of a year, Mateo wrote and produced his newest EP titled, “one + only”. This project encapsulates the trappings of unrequited love through the use of candid lyricism and delicate lo-fi sounds and production.

A soft beat, almost mimicking a heart beat brings us into this dreamy sound of the song “Let me down”. A very distinct sound of lo-fi pop, if there ever is such a thing, can describe the very unique sound of Mateo. The reverb used on is vocals make the song sound as if you are almost underwater creating a dreamlike atmosphere. This is the kind of song that you would play with your windows down driving through downtown LA with your friends late at night. There is no doubt that Mateo is very talented at what he does in all areas of production, songwriting, and vocals. Mateo has a very sweet and soft voice that really compliments his style of music. Not to mention, the production quality of his song is amazing and has a great sound to it that makes it all his own. Mateo continues to create his art and hopefully will not stop anytime soon.

Listen to "Let Me Down" here and get to know more about Mateo Angel below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How long have you been making and producing music?

Hi! I’ve been writing and producing for about a year now. I think I got tired of being scared to make music to the point where I just started writing and writing like crazy. It started with some rough songs on Garageband, then I saved up enough money to buy Logic & shirk all of my student responsibilities to make a bunch of music. Not everything I wrote was gold, but I managed to find a sound and methods I was comfortable with.

How would you describe your sound and style of music?

Bedroom pop with modern sensibilities. I love trying to create really big pop songs that still feel really intimate and personal. I think pop music has such a powerful way of speaking to so many people in so many different ways, and I want to achieve that kind of catharsis in my songs.

What was the inspiration behind, “let me down”?

Well, I had gotten to a place last November where I had like 20+ songs written and drafted in some way for a project, but they all sounded wildly different from each other, I had to get really picky with what exactly I wanted. So I had to really simplify my process and zero in on what I wanted my sound to be like, and so a simple kick pattern and pretty synths led me to write the bulk of ‘let me down’ really quickly! Departure by Baths and Timmy’s Prayer by Sampha really influenced the sound. When I wrote it, I was really grappling with feelings I had for a boy giving me mixed signals, and I pretty much had to purge all of the conflicting ways I felt about it. I knew it was going nowhere, but naturally I still went and hurt my own feelings about it!

Who are your top two musical inspirations?

Oh man, there are SO many. But I’d say Lorde & Carly Rae Jepsen made me love pop so strongly & unashamedly. Melodrama and Emotion are really special records, and I draw a lot of my inspiration to write & make music from them. They’re damn good songwriters, too.

What are some of your goals for you and your music?

I just want to make really good music that I’m proud of. Stepping up my production for the future is definitely a priority, and I just want to absorb and soak in as much knowledge as I can right now.


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