Matt Bennett Delivers a New Rock Country Sound with “I Know a Guy”

Matt Bennett is a talented singer/songwriter and musician hailing from Kennesaw, GA. Although Matt had a musical upbringing thanks to his mother, it always took a backseat to his baseball career. After his baseball career ended, Matt bennet found his true passion in country music. Inspired by the greats of yesteryear like Travis Tritt and Alan Jackson as well as modern country influences like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown, and Florida Georgia Line, Matt combines his inspiration to create a refreshing new country-rock sound unlike anything in the mainstream right now. 

Matt Bennett crafted a stunner of an album titled “Hi Matt” for his latest release. You can trust in high volumes for this entire record, classically rooted country vibes pour through. Organic and honest, gritty yet blissfully melodic, and all the while these heartfelt and compelling scenes and thoughts fill the room around you. “I Know A Guy” is an absolute highlight, a beautiful song with a certain kind of brightness but a level of relatable emotion at its core. The story-telling and Matt’s arrangement all unite well with the quiet passion in the delivery. The concept is memorable, it’s a boy meets girl and a quirky journey of cat and mouse. It feels fresh, and these are just a few of the qualities Matt Bennet offers through the album as a whole. “I Know A Guy” is refreshingly impressive and came from an artist well worth getting on-board with.

Listen to the full album here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Matt Bennet! Your latest release “I Know A Guy” is definitively lively, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?

Thank y’all so much. “I Know A Guy” is a fun introduction to my music. I hope that puts a smile on the face of those that listen. I’ve always said in country music there are 3 types of songs you have to have 1. Love Songs 2. Heartbreak Songs 3. Upbeat songs. It’s in the upbeat songs that I think you get to see an artist's personality. I have chosen to have some humor in my music to match my live show. I love to make people smile and connect with a funny story. 

We love the storyline throughout “I Know A Guy”! What inspired this song?

It’s really a song that just fits my personality. It’s a song about a guy trying to pick up a girl and instead of using a sleazy pickup line or offering to buy a drink, which has become over-used lately in my opinion, he just starts telling the girl about a “friend” that just so happens to be the narrator himself. This is the kind of thing I would do and it presents it in a fun way with a very memorable guitar intro. 

What have been the main changes you’ve noticed in the music industry within the time you’ve been making music?

When I first started writing songs in college country music was transitioning into accepting “bro-country”. I’m really not a fan of that term. To me, it is “southern pop” the difference being I don’t see it negatively. I see it as its own creation. The country has always been about telling stories. To me, Pop has an escapism nature to it. This new genre takes some of both. Some do it really well and some don’t like anything else. I think it’s natural with the state of recording. Country Music had to make a decision on new technology. I think on this album we embraced some new concepts, but also told the stories I wanted to tell and used real instruments on every track including fiddle and steel guitar. I think the country is changing again to utilize Pop sounds to elevate a track and not be the only thing on the track.  

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage? 

I definitely try to grow with criticism. Like most artist some of my early songs I do not like. 2 things have really shaped me as an artist. I was once asked, “why are you trying to out-cool the cool kids?” My live shows are full of fun fan interaction and laughter. This made it counterintuitive for me to try to act like this super cool “badass” persona. Letting my personality shine in my music has opened so many doors. The second this was “who are you writing songs for critics, the masses, yourself”. My answer has been a bit of all 3. I have to write songs I like first and foremost. Also, I want to tell stories that connect with people. I also need to take what critics tell me and use better words, paint better pictures, etc this has made me a much better, deeper thinker. 

It was a treat being able to showcase “I Know A Guy” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us as listeners! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world, now that you’ve released your album?

Play songs!!! I love to travel and see new places and connect with new people. I have played over 1,000 cover band shows over the last few years and I titled the album “Hi Matt” as a reintroduction to the world as an artist. I want to take the album we have created and put on one of the most fun shows you will ever see. I have had the pleasure of opening for some amazing artists like Tim McGraw, Midland, Thomas Rhett, Dustin Lynch, Montgomery Gentry, Lauren Alaina, Lanco, Just to name a few and it is something I love to do. Many times the people in the crowd haven’t heard of me and being able to switch that into them singing along and adding me on social media is just an absolute thrill. It’s not always easy being unknown, but I love the challenge and I know I’m going to have a blast and it bleeds into the crowd.