Matt Kelly Returns with the Infatuating New Single, "Wait," a Testament to the Talent He Has Become

It's been two years since the Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter Matt Kelly diffused some of his trademark guitar melodies and rasp-festooned vocals into the lives of indie-pop fans, namely with his 2018 debut, "Circles."

It was a phenomenal introduction to the quaking charm and awe-inspiring groove he presented, garnishing him over two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand plays on Spotify alone.

Since then, the Canadian musical doyen inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Alec Benjamin, and Jimi Hendrix, has reconvened his trajectory upwards in the music industry, with the release of "Wait," an infatuating track embellished with Matt's noteworthy voice, and with a production that seldom cuts corners on its way straight to the core of his fans' beating hearts.

Opening with a magnetizing verse that comes polished like a veneer on sonic marquetry, "Wait" renders-up with distinguishing morsels of soft-handled guitar strings, intoxicating harmonies that echo from the prismatic voids, and flushing filters that mark each transition.

As Matt sings about his commitment to making his love last ("maybe next time that I see you, It will be for more than just a night,") he blooms with an unequaled sense of passion; and while the anecdote behind his swooner-aesthetic might come off as cherubic, "Wait" suggests like a beautiful piece of expert workmanship, designed by a musician with a loaded-heart.

It's a song that glides with a distinctly cream-like cadence, bolstered by a saturated low-end and an incredibly steady back-beat that seldom wavers from their warm, nurturing depositions, much like Matt's infatuating voice.

The most resounding aspect of this single comes in the form of his instantly catching hook: "I will wait, wait, wait, and I will wait, wait for you." When hearing it for the first time, it's like having a weighted blanket lifted off your chest, a testament to the powerful melodies the Torontonian has been sitting on for the past two years, and a reminder for fans of the dopamine-infused tuned his catalog consists of.

If anything is concrete about Matt Kelly's next musical campaigns, it's that he's got a reliable plan in mind, making fans salivate every time he releases a new embellished track into the world; and always featuring a warm-hugging dose of pristine melody, catchy hooks, and incandescent guitar riffs that are to die for.

Hello Matt and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you walk us through how "Wait" developed in terms of production and recording? What aspect of this song came first in your artistic process?

In terms of Production, I had recorded vocals and an acoustic guitar. From there we cut together a bit of an acoustic version. I knew that I wanted to build it out more. I was able to find a great producer, 'Save David', who was able to really hear the type of sound I was going for. From there, we made the current version come to life! In the artistic process, the chorus came first. I was playing around with a chord progression and started humming the chorus. It felt good so I built the rest of the lyrics around it.

When thinking back to the emotions, you had to channel for the performances you've captured on "Wait," which ones struck you as the most profound and moving personally?

For me, the feelings of losing things because of forces out of your control, or not being able to go after things that you otherwise would. The song is really about waiting for someone because, in the near term, there is really no way to ever make it work given distance, and things really out of anyone's control.

Is there a deeper implication behind the meaning of "Wait?" Is this a narrative that was derived from some of your own personal experiences?

The meaning of "wait" really sparked for me on a trip to New York City. I was actually at a LANY concert in Manhattan when later on I met a girl but since I was leaving town, nothing ever materialized. It's sort of an ode to what could have been.

If you could prefix the emotional experience you've set-out for your fans within "Wait," what would you feel the need to say, and why?

I would feel the need to say, approach it with a nostalgic "could have been" moment. For me, that was the main driver behind the song, a short period of time where everything was perfect, and giving yourself a glimmer into the fact that you can find that feeling again.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

It's definitely a tough year for everyone - I'm trying to use this time to focus on my craft and write compelling and honest songs. Next, I am hoping to release a second single by the Spring of 2021 and an EP summer of 2021.