Matt Moody Gets The Spotlight With "Graveyard," The Song of Truth-Speaking

What can we say about Matt Moody? As an Ohio-born singer/songwriter, he casts quite the energy within his songs, always making sure his audience is having a notoriously good, thought-provoking time.

The latest offering that Matt Moody unleashed upon his audience included "Graveyard," a song that's spouting all those "holy sh*t" realizations that came to him throughout life. Written with artist Cass Hunter, "Graveyard" was done in a shocking 30 minutes across the two artists. The naturality of "Graveyard" and its lyrical content is clear--it establishes the succinct fact that Matt Moody is indeed a flavourful songwriter.

As a pure believer in open interpretation, Matt Moody wants his audience to take whatever they can from "Graveyard." The song is a complete reflection of his own inner thoughts and he's all for his listeners to twist and turn the song however they can to resonate in their own way.

Valuing freedom and truth, Matt Moody plans to release further music that reflects him as a real artist. He's always writing and recording, sharing his most honest realities, and sparking an array of emotions to be felt amongst all listeners. Stay tuned for what's to come from singer/songwriter Matt Moody.

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