Matt Relevo Brings Elevated Joy in "Jager Bomb"

With a musically inclined family, pop artist Matt Relevo has always been attracted to the world of music and sound.

Being born and raised in Long Island, NY, Matt Relevo has been exposed to a ton of heart-enduring experiences that he's more than willing to share with his listening base. He's constantly testing out different avenues of sound, and his latest release, "Jager Bomb," is able to hone into some pretty inspirational and uplifting elements.

"Jager Bomb" contains a variety of warm and positive lyricism ready for the taking. The harmonies presented throughout are very complementing to the voice of Matt Relevo, as he holds onto a more soft and smooth tone.

With such affecting emotion being integrated into each and every lyric sung, Matt Relevo gives listeners the opportunity to feel even more moved than they originally could. Combined with the captivating storyline, "Jager Bomb" really worked to keep listening ears peeled and minds wide open.

All in all, Matt Relevo's goal of spreading warm love with his music was achieved with the release of "Jager Bomb," and we're intrigued to see what this pop-inspired artist will craft next for his audience.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Matt Relevo, and congratulations on the release of "Jager Bomb." Now that the single is finally out for all listening ears to enjoy, how do you feel?

I feel great! I’ve held onto Jagerbomb for a couple of years now. I’ve grown a lot since I finished recording Jagerbomb. The way I write and produce is different now. I planned on releasing it with an EP I am working on but felt that it deserved to be released as a single. JagerBomb is one of my favorite songs that I have ever written and produced. My goal with this song is for everyone to have a good time with it and add it to their chill playlist.

What kind of strategy went into the writing and recording of "Jager Bomb?"

I was inspired by a night out with friends back in college. A friend introduced me to a Jager Bomb for the first time. I always remember that night because it made me feel the same way as another time in my life, where I was not holding anything back and was able to really connect and get to know a certain someone. The vulnerability and honesty of that night is what inspired me to write this song. At some time during the writing process, I had writer's block, especially with the second verse. After re-listening to it multiple times, I started to realize that it felt empty and I thought it would be great to have someone with a different perspective to hop on the project. I was introduced to Danielle Carr back in college through my friend at the time, now manager, Grant Pilson. Danielle was someone I came to admire from a distance since she is a great singer and overall artist. I could not have imagined someone better than her on the project. I remember visiting Danielle at her dorm room at the time to pitch her my idea and it felt so natural for us to work together. After Danielle had her verse ready, we started the recording and producing process. I went through many trials and errors while producing JagerBomb and it feels amazing that we finally released it this year.

Were there any aspects to your song that separated you and your sound from what's currently being released within the music community?

One of my favorite things to do is to have jam sessions with people and my acoustic guitar, that’s what I wanted this song to feel like when someone listens to it. I wanted it to feel very personal, mellow, and have an overall chill vibe to it. I feel that this song separates us from what is currently being released because of its warmhearted and easygoing feel.

How would you describe the way the most important components of your artistry were packed into "Jager Bomb?"

My favorite instrument is the acoustic guitar and this is my first record where I used one as the main instrument. What I love about the song, is that I feel that JagerBomb really captured my personality and approach towards music. I want our listeners to feel the honesty and soul found within everything I make.