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Matt Relevo Doesn’t Need To "Try" When Emphasizing Lush Pop!

Coming from a musically inclined household where both of your parents are equally talented, there’s just no doubt that you would grow into a musical prodigy known to make hits! It will be no different for singer Matt Relevo who inherited those traits from his mother who loves to sing and father who was a multi-talented musician. From Long Island New York, Matt Relevo is planning on taking the music industry by storm and we think he might accomplish that with his soulful pop single “Try”.

Co-produced by Justin Scott, GrizyLace, & Jared Tyler, “Try” reminds me a lot like the style of Bruno Mars, a popular artist nowadays who is breaking charts and numbers with his stylistic blend of classic and contemporary R&B and pop! The irresistible sound of soul in “Try” alongside the sweet melody caters to you good music lovers who are fiending for a tune that sounds timeless. “Try” is the type of lush song you can hear at any venue, at any time, and at any setting, and instantly fall in love with it all over again. The magnetic force Matt sets between his song and his listeners was an intelligent artist decision that he unintentionally doesn’t know he created! Matt showcases elements of smooth-sailing vocals alongside a solid pop rap flow during his verses which gave me the idea that Matt Relevo is a versatile artist in his own lane who we will most likely be hearing a lot about. Having an arsenal of catchy pop melodies and captivating lyrics to tell a story. Constantly spreading love, his goal is to reach the hearts of listeners with not only the music he creates, but with his character.

Check out "Try" here and scroll further to find the artists personalized interview, where he the inspiration and meaning behind his new release!

Growing up in a musically inclined household obviously inspired you to do music! But do you have any other fun hobbies you enjoy doing?

Besides music, I love editing videos and working on anything involving film. I believe film is another art that has the power to reach the heart’s of people as much as music does. So when both are used together and done right, they can produce something beautiful.

Tell us what inspired you to write the single “Try”?

My background is Filipino, and my girlfriend was born and raised in Venezuela. Growing up, that mentality that we have to be with someone of our own race or culture has always been in our heads. This is what inspired me to write Try.

If you’re able to create a music video alongside the catchy single, do you have an idea on how you’d want the visual to look?

If I was able to do a music video, I’d definitely work around the concept of bringing two people from different backgrounds together. One of them will have trouble taking the next step because of their peers. I would love to have fun shots throughout the video like dance choreography and a party to complement the feeling of the song.

What is the meaning behind “Try” ?

The meaning behind “Try” is basically wanting to break that mold from past generations that said you should only be with someone from your own race or culture.

What’s next for Matt Relevo?

I’m honestly just going where the music takes me, as cliche as that sounds. Every single song I put out are special to me, so I make sure I showcase them properly and then I figure out when I want to release new music again. Music videos and live shows are absolutely something I’m looking forward to.


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