Matt Wheatley Flaunts Catchy Confidence on Latest Single "Here We Go"

The freshest offering from the songwriter, producer, and engineer Matt Wheatley exudes contagious confidence under the EP self-titled single, "Here We Go," and it feels like a Pop anthem blessing. The project manifests Matt Wheatley's ability to hone in on his experienced hearing. Being born legally blind, this empowering artist's recent solo debut is trendsetting in spirit: dishing up a means of support for the present and strength by trusting yourself in following every inventive beat that Matt intends. Moving us with his immersive production, he focuses on themes about unity, the belief in one's self, and an uplifting rallying chorus. The song's intro immerses you in a striking mix of innovative rhythm that utilizes an earthy tone with sauntering piano chords brightening the ride as an unflinching hook grabs hold of you immediately.

"When I see the edge, I won't look down, because you'll never fly if your feet don't leave the ground," he sings out in the pre-chorus, "Here we go!". The thunderous crisp downbeat lands healthy in your chest as the chorus delivers a well-needed rush of dopamine while the broad expanses of this song stretch out and hug our ears firmly. "Into the world, I know, no waiting for tomorrow," Matt sings, elegantly occupying the center of the track. "One foot in front of the other." "Here we go! Here we go!" rumbling on as he sings with conviction, determination, and an unrestricted display of uplifting rally: the tremendous drums and a wash of heavily synth leads can't be missed here. " No fear, I'm clear, I'm steering with my eyes closed, don't need no map on this road," he blazons on as the song ends. No other beauty is as exposing and monumental as the perseverance an artist has with their craft and what it takes to keep moving forward. Here, Matt Wheatley takes both feet and walks ahead into the Pop Music Scene with a brilliant sheen of personality and mastery over his musical intrepidity.

We're super excited to be featuring your single "Here We Go." Can you tell us how you made such an empowering song? What was that process like?

"Here We Go" started with the idea of taking a leap of faith, for better or for worse.  I have some personal experience with doing exactly that.  And what I've learned in that process is that the regret of never trying far outweighs the fear of failure.  And that's kind of what Here We Go became about.  Taking that chance, seeking adventure, casting your fears aside for something greater.  It's the most freeing feeling you'll ever have by just letting go of fear.  I want to inspire that in others.

Were there any insightful lessons you were aiming at highlighting throughout this production and is this something you feel is a place holder in the type of music you produce?

The throughline of this EP I think is to "be inspired".  I wanted that to shine through on "Here We Go" and in all the songs on the EP for that matter.  With the current state of our world, I wanted to plant a flag that said "we are better if we simply choose to be".  As an artist, producer, and songwriter I thought if there's a message to hang my hat on, this one fits me.

When did you know you wanted to make music your life long goal? Were there any key inspirations you can recall in your life that may have leaned you into musical things?

I was always into music at an early age, but when I really knew I wanted it to be my life's work was at age 15.  Some of my best friends (who are still great friends of mine today) had decided to start a band and I showed up to their practice one evening.  I was simply drawn in like a moth to the flame watching them create something out of thin air all in unison.  I was just a writer up to that point, but they had used some lyrics I had written and put them to melody and music.  Once I saw those words jump off the paper into real life, I was all in.

It was terrific featuring you here with us! Can you tell us a little bit more about the new upcoming EP? What kinds of things can we expect from a full Matt Wheatly five-song drop this summer?

Absolutely!  The EP is set to drop July 31st, 2020.  It's the first release I've made as an artist in a couple of years and it feels like a breath of fresh air putting it out into the world.  I spent the last 18 months putting these songs together on my own in between working on several other artist projects, so it really became a labor of love for these songs that I'm excited are finally seeing the light of day.  What to expect from the EP?  Dancing in the grocery store lines when you hear it, turning your radio up to 30 on a sunny day when your favorite track comes on, and simply being inspired to be a better you (the listener) when you dig into it.  It's fun, it's anthemic, and it'll make you want to move.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has been tough for everyone really.  I'm no different.  But what keeps me inspired is focusing on the good.  There are people, amazing humans, that in spite of losing everything are finding a way to move forward in a positive way.  It's also easy for me to find inspiration for doing what I do when I talk each night with my four-year-old about what he dreams of being.  And it changes almost daily so it's fun to see and hear.  I want to not just tell him but show him that no matter what he chooses, he can do it.