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Matteson Gregory Is Divine In Her Self-Produced and Unplugged Sounds In "Marry Me Someday"

She is taking her skill set to acoustic stylings for her otherwise Pop sound. This divine transition stands out in "Marry Me Someday," as Matteson Gregory projects an unplugged atmosphere full of authentic storytelling. As she places emphasis on her beautifully scripted lyrics, we hear Matteson Gregory describe all the moments we've said that make up the feelings of knowing who you want to be with but being aware that good things do indeed take time.

Over time, she has been able to leap from the underground shadows and become a prominent staple in the music industry as "Marry Me Someday" marks Matteson Gregory's fifth studio single. Being the first record that is self-produced under her influential techniques, this particular song has Matteson Gregory proving that she is quickly climbing the ladder of success.

Through striking expressions that have us touring the heartfelt melodies she conveys, the emotion-driven single is a song that Matteson Gregory wants her audience to grasp onto as they take away happiness and hope.

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