Matthew J. Thomas Sings With a Discerning Voice in Intimate New Single, "Mom and Dad"

Matthew J. Thomas sings with a discerning voice in what feels like a small room with intimate enclosures on "Mom And Dad", the Tennesse-natives lastest single. 

At first, this track sounds like a contemporary radio love songs mixed with some of the roots-texture you see in good country music. But as it leisurely progresses, we establish a different narrative out of the ballad-like orchestrations and heartfelt lyrics at play here. 

One of the most notable effects of this track is in how defusing it becomes, and how effortless its listening experience presents. It exhibits magnetic energy as it pulls you in behind the rhythmic and dynamic accompaniments that Matthew J. Thomas produces: a lush grande piano lead, a tremendous low-end that molds to low frequencies with ease, and an expansive air that proves intimate.

If that wasn't enough, an orchestration of harps comes standard on this ballad too, with harmonies peering out into corners of this mix and becoming more engaging as it develops further. His vocals have a particular tone that sounds like if Phil Collins was twenty-one years old again and mixed together with John Mayer; and his music sits somewhere in between how those two categories make you feel also. "I'll be just fine, one day I will go out on my own," he sings on the melodies hook. It's a song about transitioning from one chapter of your life into the next and all the attached fears associated.

As he continues, he finds strength in his core as he sings out, "walking out into the open road, I know I'll never be alone, through the struggle, I beat the storm, I don't feel the pain anymore, at least not like I did before." Although his lyrics and storytelling abilities are well developed, his sound sometimes falls into a pragmatic state. In a way, his performance tends to stay stagnant in one distinctive texture, doing his performance a disservice with the little bit of muted volume gives his expression. However, the saving grace comes in uplifting sonic blessings in the form of reverberation. Here, the effects exerted on his vocals prove transformative, making it feel like Matthew J. Thomas is singing in the same room next to you. 

It's a song that shows what the Young-Tennesse Artist and Producer has in store for us. His new single lands somewhere in-between the realms of Pop-Ballad and Adult Contemporary as we could definitely picture this cut finding it's rotating on the radio amongst some of the top songwriters of this decade.

How do you find the motivation and fuel to power your creative endeavors through your day as an artist and producer?

First of all, thank you for having me today for an interview I find my creativeness as an artist through daily life living each moment to the fullest and being able to put those into a story people can relate to.

What has been the most challenging experience about the release, recording, and writing process of "Mom And Dad"?

The most challenging part of writing mom and dad was making it where people can see how my parents have helped me so much in my life and that life isn’t easy but with a great support system anything is possible 

If you were to relate this song to three different emotions, which would you choose?

Love, happiness, and anxiety.

What's been the most exciting milestone you've reach recently as an up and coming artist working in Nashville?

Well, I have recently been working on my debut album and that has been the greatest experience in Nashville and excited for everyone to hear this new music I’m working on.

Can we expect more from you this year?

Yes you can after mom and dad I will be releasing a new music video about a week or two after and a few more songs and then the album coming afterward so super excited for everyone to hear this music stay tuned for more updates and thank you for having me today