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Matthew Thomas Keeps His Head Held High in Mesmerizing Hit, "Be Okay"

Pop singer Matthew Thomas from East Tennessee is a college student by day, and a singer at night. Being inspired by his passion to perform and change people’s lives with the beauty of music, he ventures out to release original creations that relate to those needing his message.

In a bass-heavy world that seizes the captivating spirit of Matthew Thomas, we’re introduced to his alluring new single, “Be Okay.”

Over minimalistic instrumentation that takes nods from both Pop and Electronic music, Matthew Thomas turns this upbeat foundation into a canvas of charisma. There’s a spellbinding manner that he takes into his songwriting structure as we latch onto the various cadences he explores through his verses.

His wording is relatable in a way that has the influence of his lyrics clicking into our minds upon impact. Delving into a storyline that many know all too well, we’re intrigued by how Matthew Thomas pushes his pride aside in order to move on from a love that no longer serves him. Leading us into his anthemic chorus that has the overall concept of “Be Okay,” bursting at the seams, we quickly become infatuated with how Matthew Thomas carries himself as an artist.

Through a vocal range that’s prevailing in how it draws you towards its power, “Be Okay” has us rejoicing with Matthew Thomas through the entire progression of this beguiling record. In the brilliance that hangs from his approach to the lyrical motifs before us, he proves that it’s never too late to walk away and focus on yourself.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Matthew Thomas. We love the sound that you showcase on your latest track, “Be Okay.” With such a powerful story that you unravel, what was the moment that inspired this song’s creation?

First off thank you for having me today I really appreciate it! This song is very special to me it brought out a lot of emotions that I never knew I had for myself I never truly loved myself until after I realized I was putting so much love into other people I forgot to love myself in the process.

What musical and non-musical influences do you tend to let speak into the music that you create? Has it always been like this since you’ve begun to create music?

I personally used a lot of Charlie Puth's influence in this song he has always been someone I've looked up to! I usually try to think of a song I really connect to and then try to get inspired by that whether it’s melodically or lyrically!

Did you find that writing and releasing this song helped you with the healing process or mentioned events?

Yes, I did. I have since been able to find the love for myself I always needed and I couldn’t be happier than I am right now!

If your audience could reflect on one message from this song, what would you want it to be?

Self-care life is short and you are important you need to love yourself so you have room to love other people after that!

What's next for you?

I am currently recording an EP which will be coming out later this year that’s all I can say right now but it’s gonna put you in your feels so just get ready for all that’s to come! Thank you so much again for having me!

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