Matthew Thomas Wears His Heart On His Sleeve In “Miles Apart”

Independent artist and currently a student at Carson-Newman University, Matthew Thomas is a budding singer/songwriter and musician from Dandridge, Tennessee. Influenced bu powerful songwriters and vocalists like Khalid, Maroon 5, and Ed Sheeran, I would personally compare his vocal style to John Mayer. The hypnotizing, breathy nature completely captivates listeners at first listen. Matthew Thomas’ debut EP is set to release January 2020, stay on the lookout! 

Earlier this year, Matthew Thomas dropped his debut single “Miles Apart”, a beautiful acoustic and poetic journey of love and loss. Throughout the song, Matthew details the strength of his love, even when distance is a factor. The chorus sings “You’ll always have my heart, even when we’re Miles Apart”, and follows with Matthew repeating “Stay with me”. You can hear the emotion in his voice and “Miles Apart” really showcases Matthew’s incredible songwriting ability. Although the sentiments through his single are deeply personal, the lyricism remains accessible for listeners from all walks of life. Missing someone we love is relatable for people on all levels and Matthew Thomas gets that! We love what we’re hearing from this up and coming artist and were absolutely looking forward to the release of his much-anticipated EP in January 2020!

Listen to “Miles Apart” here and scroll down for more with Matthew Thomas.

Hi Matthew thanks for the interview! "Miles Apart" blends a beautiful melody with meaningful lyricism. What can you tell us about what this particular release means to you?

Well first off thank you for having me today this release is very special in my heart I wrote this song at a vulnerable time in my life when I felt like I was falling for someone and we were close but she was miles apart but it didn't work out and even though it didn't I learned a lot from that experience

"Miles Apart" is flooded with absolute passion and emotion. What emotions were crucial to channel when creating this song?

Closeness sadness faith they all were used in different ways to make this song so impactful on my heart

What has your experience been like working with producer Shannon McArthur?

Working with Shannon has been a dream come true I was working on music beforehand but I didn't feel like it was going anywhere but when Shannon reached out to me on Instagram I felt like I finally was making it in the music business

If it wasn’t for that push at 16 years old from your family, do you think you would still be pursuing a music career today?

I would say I would be music has been in my life always my family is super supportive they are my rock and a big reason I get to do what I love and a lot of people don't know this I couldn't speak til I was 4 and it is a miracle I can talk let along sing as great as I do.

Thank you so much for chatting with us! We’re so excited for more new music from you! What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

My debut EP Starting a Journey will be available to stream January 3rd,2020 this date is very special to me because it is also my 21st birthday and this ep will be filled with heart faith love sadness and so much more there will be 7 songs on the ep and one of them is a remix of miles apart I did with my good friend Holden Jung aka Jung money$ I'm so excited for you guys to listen to it and god bless!!!