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Mattie Rose Paints Vivid Pictures Of Love And Loss In “Tyler”

Proudly hailing from just north of Fort Worth, Texas, is radiant country artist and singer-songwriter Mattie Rose, who has a thought-provoking, vulnerable release titled "Tyler" alongside an accompanying music video.

Known for her raw and passionate music rooted in her Texas twang, Mattie Rose experimented with many genres before finally pursuing country in 2020. Having performed in musicals, worship bands, local bars, and festivals, Mattie Rose is another up-and-coming country artist to watch in 2024.

Last year, Rose released her debut EP, Whiskey Me Away, featuring five beautiful songs representing the stages of post-heartbreak grief. One of them is "Tyler," track number four, with its reflective music video on YouTube. This song tugged at our heartstrings in the best way possible and for a few reasons...

"Tyler" softly opens with lush country instrumentals that feel like the first break of light in the crisp morning air. But, alas, Mattie Rose's soothing and melancholy vocals linger to tell a relatable, vulnerable story of heartbreak.

While discussing themes of regret, letting someone use your body for a fun night, and having your heart broken along the way, Mattie Rose digs deep into her inner emotions to convey a theme many of us have experienced, too.

Mattie Rose belts Tyler's name upon the hook, sending chills down the spine while her gentle instrumentals provide a warm embrace. The reflective music video, which sees Rose by the lake and forest, wondering about the future and next steps, perfectly aligns with her cathartic lyricism - painting a vivid picture of love and loss in the listener's mind. 

"Tyler" is a genuinely impactful song bound to resonate with anyone who's experienced even the slightest heartbreak. Experience it yourself and find Mattie Rose's impressive discography on all digital streaming platforms.

We are wildly impressed with the emotion and vulnerability provided in your recent release, "Tyler." What inspired you to write such a personal song like this?

Howdy! Thanks for having me! I won't lie. Tyler is a hard song to dive into, but I was inspired to write it by remembering that everyone should be able to speak their truth. This one just happened to be a very personal truth. In all honesty, releasing such a vulnerable song taught me more about my audience than I thought it would. I learned that the best way to understand how I felt was to communicate with the world and see how many people felt like I did.

Could you take us through your songwriting process for "Tyler?" Was it easy for you to open up and write such vulnerable lyrics for the world to hear?

I wrote this song all on my own in my tiny dorm room during my freshman year of college. Weirdly enough, the day I wrote Tyler, it only took me an hour to get it down on pen and paper. I was so emotional that saying how I felt came easy, especially since the only person listening was Dakota (my guitar, haha). I didn't even think about what the world thought then because I had no plans to release it. I skipped half a year and realized there was no better song for the Whiskey Me Away EP than Tyler.

What scenes or atmosphere did you want to bring to life in the "Tyler" music video? How did you want the music video to feel from the viewer's standpoint?

Some might get confused by the lyric "Why'd you have to be her," but the song's purpose is that the name "Tyler" is a woman's name. I am asking Tyler why she had to be innocent because it would be much easier to blame her, but at the end of the day, she's in the same position I am. I wanted the video to feel like I was searching for something but realizing that I may never find it. However, I was trying to show just how freeing heartbreak can be. Our eyes felt more open to the beauty surrounding us, so I chose the gorgeous Radnar Park in Nashville, Tennessee, for the filming location. 

How does "Tyler" fit into the theme and concept of your debut EP, Whiskey Me Away? What role does "Tyler" play in the project?

My thought process behind the Whiskey Me Away EP was to create the stages of a relationship. Starting with "Table For Two," where I am stood up and annoyed, then jumping to "California Cowboy," where I have found someone and fallen in love, moving on to the red flags in a relationship with "Day Drinkin' in a Dive Bar" where I realize I start to prefer being with my girls over my man, and then to "Tyler"… where my heart is shattered to pieces. Tyler is the falling action that leads into the country-rock climax in "Whiskey Me Away," where I realize I am better off on my own.

On a more personal note, do you have any words of wisdom or advice for listeners going through a similar experience? How might "Tyler" help them see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Lean on the people you know are there for you, and remember that the world doesn't end when you get knocked down. It is right there to welcome you when you get back up again. I think it's essential to come to terms with how you were burned, but let that fire fuel you into finding what you deserve.


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