Maur Kii Sends a Refining Rush of Adrenaline Through his Latest Releases “Jump” and “Vibes"

Los Angeles,CA, based RnB and Hip-Hop fusion artist Maur Kii aspires to create music that people can vibe to.

Since studying at both Rider University and then Los Angeles Film & Recording School, Maur Kii continues to search for new inspiration to further refine his sound.

Recently, Maur Kii released his exciting new singles “Jump” and “Vibes”, both of these tunes together make for the ultimate party experience.

“Jump” opens up with a quirky, slightly festive, and anthemic carnival-like synth bell motif that perfectly sets the tone for Maur Kii’s honest vocals to shine. Sprinkled all throughout “Jump” are little flavors of ear candy that can’t help us feel hyped up to take on the world. Maur Kii’s vocals are the true highlight in “Jump” having an autotune centric tone that keeps the interest high with thoughtful lyricism and spicy harmonies, “Jump” is the perfect tune to play on a night out.

Maur Kii’s second release “Vibes” brings the tempo down and introduces soft synth string textures that beautifully complimentMaurKii’s vocal performance. “Vibes” builds up a subtle tension before releasing it just before the chorus with an iconic air horn and then pounding us in the chest with heavy 808 drums. After listening to both of these releases we cannot wait to hear what will be coming next from this exciting new artist.

You can listen to Maur Kii’s music here.

Welcome to BuzzMusicMaurKii! We are loving both of your releases “Jump” and “Vibes”! What was the inspiration behind your lyricism and vocal performance in these?

The best for Jump comes from PyroGotIt and Rioleyva of Internet Money. I heard the bounce it had and something just told me this is the track while we were sorting through some beats from Pyro. The tropical vibe it had felt perfect for summertime and we needed something that could potentially top “Bounce” so I went for the same vibe. YKTV was some Afrobeat Los had found. He actually had to convince me to get on it. It was something different from anything we had done so I was hesitant.

We are loving the positive themes you have in “Jump” and “Vibes”, how did you come up with the beat in these? Did the instrumental come before or after the vocals?

As far as Travis and Tory go I just love how they can manipulate their voices. They can go from a falsetto to a normal tone at will. Autotune allows the user to really utilize the voice as an instrument. I wasn’t even initially a singer I was a bar for bar rapper but I tried to autotune once for a bulk of a song instead of just a hook and loved my response so I stuck with it. Those two dudes melody game is insane and I always had melodies just couldn’t outright belt out notes so I said why not try to make this a thing.

Speaking of your vocal performance, what about Travis Scott and Tory Lanez’s autotuned sound inspired you to go for a similar effect?

The misconception with autotune is that people assume whoever uses it to the point it’s noticeable are mumble rappers with no message. I’m trying to show that you can bridge the gap between what’s commercially acceptable but still give a piece of wisdom and my life in these songs as well. Songs like Jump and YKTV are just fun posse cuts Los and I like to cut from time to time when summer rolls around but doesn’t define our sounds as artists.

Thank you for being here! What else can we expect for 2020?

2020 we’re just flooding the summer and then I may or may not have something lined up when winter rolls around. I love dropping my solo stuff during the winter. I’ve always felt like my more serious stuff just hits different in the winter.