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Maverick Christ Releases "Heavy Grind"

Born in East Harlem, NY but raised all the way in Atlanta GA, Maverick Christ has been on a constant move without looking back. Maverick got into rapping by simply writing music that is a reflection of his thoughts and emotions, both good and bad. Being exposed to a wide variety of music, he has always had the ability to craft his specific style based off the numerous of musical influences he was surrounded by.

Maverick Christ released his single “Heavy Grind”, a pop-like hip-hop track with quick-witted lyrics and a slight melodic delivery. The beat weaves the lines between bubblegum pop and hard-hitting trap! with a strong bass and delightful sound fx, the beat is the solid foundation to “Heavy Grind”. Maverick Christ gives us the unpredicted flow we don't see much of these days! Solid breath control, versatility, and smooth transitions are all words we can use to describe the delivery of his bars in “Heavy Grind”. He not only shows us how he can project a mainstream sound in his songs but his ability to also be respected as an lyricist and a rapper! I’ve also noticed a light use of autotune on his vocals which adds a stylistic makeup to the song that this current generation can digest! In this current wave and ever changing movement of hip-hop, we need artists like Maverick Christ who knows how to adjust to the trends while spinning it around to his liking-showing us the potential of a career with longevity and success! If it isn’t the melody, it’s the excellent songwriting, and if it isn’t the excellent songwriting, then it’s the spotless delivery. Maverick world and “Heavy Grind” is definitely a heavy hit that I’m sure you will love as much as we did!

Don't forget to check out "Heavy Grind" on Spotify, and see below for Maverick's exclusive interview!


Connect with Maverick Christ via the artists Instagram and Twitter!


What inspired you to create the stage name “Maverick Christ” ?

I chose the name Maverick Christ based on the relation to myself and lifestyle. I go against the grain and create things and develop my own ideas but stay grounded to my soul and keep spirituality as the center of my ideas.  

Knowing you grew up listening to significant amount of different genres including 80’s rock, early grunge scene, and 90’s Rnb, how would you describe your personal style of music?

I would say my style is a blend of all of the things I grew up listening to from the lyrical east coast rap of the early 90s to the melodies in rock and r&b. My style is ever evolving as I like to create a whole new vibe and mood on every song and just keep it as real and unique as possible. 

What’s the meaning behind “Heavy Grind” ?

Heavy Grind is about the daily grind we all go on everyday to make it to our ultimate destination. Being committed to sticking to what you say your going to do and seeing it through. Gratitude is also a big topic on appreciating life and using the time we have to make the best moves to reach your goals.  

Have you decided if you want to create a visual to the song yet?

YES! The visual is currently already out and available for everyone to watch on my Youtube Channel Maverickworld. 

What's next from Maverick?

The next things to be released soon are going to be more next level visuals, a whole new sound and clothing from my lifestyle brand Prosper More. Also my new project Turbo Mode For Life will be released later this year. 


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