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Max Cinnamon Wants A Fresh Start On “Classical Ending”

Can we go back to the start and just take our time?

Every once in a while, some stories stand out as emblematic of resilience, talent, and unwavering dedication.

For artist Max Cinnamon, his journey from a young busker to a Eurovision and songwriting sensation truly shows that incredible things are possible when you genuinely love what you do. A skilled and sought-after talent with over 16 million Spotify streams and counting, this talented and multi-faceted creative force continues to add to his burgeoning legacy with every release.

Born in Britain before subsequently moving to and finding his musical footing in the picturesque landscapes of France, Max’s early years were marked by a profound and natural connection to instruments.

The instruments he would play ranged from violin to guitar, piano, and drums, but although Max had a knack for his instruments, his storytelling ability truly helped him shine. Writing autobiographical songs partly to cope with health issues at the time, Max’s deep love of music would become a guiding light for the artist.

“Classical Ending” is a vibrant, lively pop offering that feels perfect for ushering in the warming months and summer. Dynamic keys and snares help create a high-energy atmosphere, and as Max Cinnamon’s pitch-perfect vocals deliver lines like “Chasing highs, chasing lows / dim the lights the door is closed” and the titular refrain “She’s like a Classical Ending,” you can’t help but feel your head is in the clouds. Max’s musical talents continue to shine bright as ever, and there’s no sign he’s stopping anytime soon.

With over 16 million Spotify streams and a diverse repertoire that spans genres and continents, Max Cinnamon is a global musical sensation. His artistry knows no bounds, and he continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Welcome to Buzz, Max! We're head over heels for your recent powerful single, "City On Fire." What inspired you to create this wildly catchy, anthemic new track? Was there a certain message or concept you wanted to get across to listeners with your lyrics in "City On Fire"? What did you want them to take away?

I wrote City on Fire with Jonathan Bluth and producer Vincent Ott in Los Angeles, which inspired me to add several different interpretations to the song. It could represent the city being highly energetic, fun, and exciting, or the way I see it when we wrote the song, it is more about how world leaders can so easily manipulate the urban population to cause chaos and division, easily imposing new mandates to gain complete control over their lives.

However, I didn’t want to make this too obvious in the lyrics. I still wanted the listeners to have a song they can simply jam to, whether that be alone in their bedroom, in the shower (where our inner rock star comes out), at the gym, or on an epic road trip with friends.

I wrote something that I’d want to add to my own playlist. Something that makes me feel good as a music fan. It’s easy to forget that. Ask yourself, would you add your own song to your playlist? That’s when I started becoming more proud of my work. I started to enjoy the process that much more, and it was exciting to delve into unknown territory, a style of music I hadn’t really done much of in the past.

How would you describe the sound and style of "City On Fire" in terms of genres? Do you usually create songs of this nature, or was this a new experience for you?

I see my music sitting in the Pop/Rock world. When I’m on stage, I’m automatically drawn to the rawness of a band, the energy and grit you can get out of a rock performance while still keeping those hypnotic, catchy pop hooks. A healthy mix of Imagine Dragons and Harry Styles.

Being in LA opened me up to this world. Collaborating daily with new artists, writers, and producers makes it much easier to identify what sits right with you as an artist. I had time to figure that out and ensure I was ready and confident with my sound. Many people say you must find your lane and stick to it, but I disagree. I can’t wait to show people the different sounds I’ve been experimenting with.

No, the 4th song won’t be identical to the first, and yes, the next EP/Album might be completely different. But it’ll always be me, my honest take on songwriting, and the emotion will always remain. City On Fire was the perfect “here we go” moment.

Big and anthemic. But I can’t wait to take people on a journey - I have so much I want to say.

Did you work alongside any artists or producers when crafting the powerful instrumentals and production for "City On Fire?" What were those collaborations like?

I met both Jonathan Bluth and Vincent Ott in LA. Jonathan has a way of creating such a safe space in sessions. It’s always such a lovely time—always filled with laughter. We always speak the truth, which can often be the best therapy session. You learn so much about yourself and others just in six hours of sitting down and writing a song. Working with Vincent was so easy—he’s such a great producer and musician. He easily turned my vision into something epic!

What was the highlight of creating "City On Fire?" What part of the process did you enjoy the most?

The highlight of creating this song is that it has to be a mix of all the above. The fact that it’s become my first release makes it more unique and special. If only every session would go as smoothly as this one did!


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