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Max Diaz Tries To Make Sense Of The “Cowboy Cult”

What isn’t conscious never ends.

Expertly blending alternative punk and indie rock influences to great effect, Max Diaz is an artist who always seems full of surprises. Having captivated his listeners with his tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and loveable personality,

Diaz has also mastered the important skill of being able to see his artistic vision through to perfection while also not taking himself too seriously. This earnest yet down-to-earth attitude has endeared him to fans but has also greatly benefitted his continued evolution into one of the most exciting artists in the industry today.

As the self-proclaimed “Punk Mockery of Texas,” Max Diaz has certainly done one thing. His musical revolution thus far has been wild, rebellious, and ultimately a hell of a fun ride. If there’s one thing Diaz knows how to do, it’s entertaining, and there’s plenty to be entertained about on his new album Metanoia.

In many ways, a testament to everything Max Diaz has come to represent as an artist, Metanoia is a delightful offering that thrills with Diaz’s ability to evoke the visceral. If he is able to maintain the standard he’s set for himself on Metanoia, the sky will truly be the limit for this talented star in the making.

Beginning with a cheeky snap of the whip, Diaz’s release “Cowboy Cult” (also on Metanoia) quickly makes you smile, even as Diaz’s lyrics feel slightly frustrated. As he sings lines like “I'm just living into question / No direction, I should ease up on the Tension,” you get the sense that Max Diaz isn’t as satisfied as he first appeared.

Between the groovy instrumentals that invoke imagery of saloons and Diaz’s impassioned performance, “Cowboy Cult” is a slightly country take on alternative and indie rock. Diaz has definitely done more than just make it work here, though; he’s made it sound amazing.

Max Diaz’s latest offering, “Cowboy Cult,” is a release that exquisitely blends country, alternative, and indie rock to captivating effect. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Max Diaz’s latest release, “Cowboy Cult.” now available on all major streaming platforms.

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