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Max Diaz Sits Down at BuzzMusic to Chat About New Release,“Cowboy Cult"

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Max Diaz! We loved “Cowboy Cult,” we had to ask! With so many robust offerings from your recent album “Metanoia,” what made you gravitate to this piece in particular?

Thank you for having me, Buzz. I felt like this song, mainly, is what I’ve felt towards the cliche “cowboy” since I grew up in Texas. It resonates with this mockery I’ve had with the stereotype for a while.

What was your favorite part of bringing your vision for “Metanoia” to life?

It was finally getting to work with creatives who understood what I was seeing and, most importantly - what I was hearing.

Can you take us through your typical creative process?

First comes the guitar riff, then comes a mouthful of melodic gibberish to find that hook. From there, I came up with the beginning of the song, leading me to see the following sequence… and then the next.. and then the next. It is an odd process, but melody comes first; then, you speak what you mean.

What does music mean to you, and do you have any particularly special music-related memories you’d like to share?

Music is the Motherhood of my existence. I don’t believe I’d be qualified for anything else, haha. It has brought me a feeling I don’t think I could get elsewhere. No matter where I am in my life; heartbreak, highlights, or even on a dull Sunday afternoon - music has always been there for me.

What’s next for Max Diaz? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I want to prepare my fellow cultists for the METANOIA tour this summer. I’ll be having multiple shows planned, as well as some more songs leading up to the Deluxe version of METANOIA. To all my supporters and cool-ass motherf*ckers, keep remaining the reason why I’m doing this.


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