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Max Edwards Gives Us A Glimpse Of "Heaven," With His New Hit Single

Max Edwards, born and raised in the mountainous town of Whistler BC, Canada, is a Pop/R&B artist and producer. Edwards grew up in the mountains skiing, biking, and skateboarding, but most importantly, writing and performing music. Singing his first songs when he was just a baby, Edwards was destined to take the stage.

Edwards began attending the Nimbus School of Recording and Media located in Vancouver, BC, in 2021. He’s been living there while creating music every day, ever since. Edwards looks forward to connecting with more and more people through music. His ambition is to continue his musical studies, learn more about the industry as well as progress in his craft. His dedication and talent shine through brightly with his newest single, “Heaven.”

“Heaven” has all of the ingredients of a hit record! We can hear this song playing across all Top 40 radio stations and college campuses. The song begins with soft chords, which introduce Edwards’s sweet and powerful vocals. As the song builds up, so does Edwards’s performance. The beat drops, picking up the pace and energy of the song, and takes us on a dreamy journey through the mind of a romantic.

Edwards describes the feeling of being in love so purely with “sunsets with you in my arms.” He reminisces on those magical moments that most of us are fortunate enough to relate to. The hard-hitting drums, the airy, ambient synths, the catchy claps, and overall production mixed with Edwards’s soothing and vibrant singing create the perfect R&B/Pop song.

Congratulations on your new hit single, "Heaven"! We absolutely adore the energy that emanates from this record! Can you tell us a little bit about the exact moment or event that inspired you to create "Heaven"?

When I sat down to write "Heaven," I had no idea what I was actually going to write. I just went with the vibe of what I was feeling. It was near Valentine's day, and I was playing around on the piano with some simple chords, and the chorus melody came to my head. Right then, I knew I wanted to write a love song. When I came up with the line "You are my heaven," the rest was really easy to write. When I was writing, I really wanted to write something catchy, easy to sing along to, and relatable. Once I got all the melodies down, the lyrics poured out of me.

It's very refreshing to hear such a loving and romantic piece of music! Did the song naturally flow out of you, or was it difficult to release such vulnerable emotions?

It was actually one of the easier songs to write, luckily. The only issue I had with it was that I thought it was a bit corny at first. I changed a few lyrics around and eventually became more comfortable with what I was saying. Other than that, I was in a really good headspace, so the lyrics were so natural and meaningful to me.

You mentioned that you've been singing all your life! Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

Growing up, my biggest influences were Maroon 5, James Blunt, and Akon. I would walk around the house, my neighborhood, and even up on the mountain, singing out loud to their songs. As I grew up, I started to find new artists that inspire me more every day. My most recent ones are Justin Bieber, The Kid Laroi, Dominic Fike, and Ed Sheeran. I get really inspired by their music, and I hope that one day I can meet and collab with them.

How do you think growing up in Canada has impacted your music and outlook on the industry?

I grew up in Whistler, and there was never a huge scene there, although recently, Whistler has had some awesome concerts, and I've been meeting some amazing artists. I moved out to Vancouver in September to attend a music school called Nimbus. I honestly didn't realize how crazy the scene was out here until I started meeting other musicians, producers, and writers. I was originally planning on living in Van until I finished my course and then making a move to LA for a few months to see what I could do there. After meeting so many amazing people in the industry, I really wanted to stick around and see what I could do. There are lots of people out there who are doing big things, and I hope I can get the ball rolling a bit while still being close to home. I also want to check out other places in Canada like Toronto or Montreal. I know they have a good scene down there, and I would love to connect with some more people and make some music.

What's next for you?

As of right now, I'm just making as much music and content as I can. "Heaven" was my 2nd single of the year, and I'm excited to share more of my music throughout 2022. I'm planning on releasing a single every month as well as a five-song project in May and October. I have been creating lots of content and videos around my upcoming songs, so I'm stoked for people to see a more visual side of me. I have a few performances coming up in the next little while as well. I also really want to try and perform as much as possible around Vancouver, so I can start getting my name out there. I hope people love what I've been working on. Thank you!


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