Maya Rae Opens up About Her Latest Release "Freedom Fighter"

Hello, Maya Rae! Congratulations on the release of "Freedom Fighter"! How does it feel to have this release out after all of the work that went into this particular song? It feels amazing to finally be able to share this music with everyone! This song is very special to my brother and me as we wrote it (and ended up recording it) while we were recording the album in Nashville last year. I’m just so eager to release the record because I’m super proud of the whole thing!

Let's dive deeper into the significance of "Freedom Fighter" and what the song means for you. How would you describe the theme of this track, and do you feel that it was easily communicated to your listeners? The storyline of “Freedom Fighter” is really just made up. It’s a super descriptive piece and I think it really takes listeners on a journey! It was such a fun song to write and record, and there’s a lot of attitude in it which I think listeners will hear right off the bat.

Your resumé is incredible! You've traveled and performed on various stages, honing in quite the fan base. Can you share more about your experience performing, and how it has felt to perform in various festivals? I’ve been very lucky to play lots of shows in the past few years all around Canada. I started playing gigs when I was around 12 years old, so I’ve had a few years of practice and have definitely become much more comfortable on stage. Playing shows is one of my favorite aspects of the music business and having new people come out and discover my music!

Your voice is incredibly luscious and filled with all sorts of textures--it's quite the staple to your sound. Do you feel that this characteristic was crafted over time, or have you always felt that your vocal performance came naturally right from the start of your artistic career? Thank you! I definitely think that over time I’ve been able to develop my craft and it will only keep developing over time. But I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, so it’s really just been a matter of working my voice every day and developing it with time!

Check out Maya Rae and her song "Freedom Fighter" here.