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Mazyn Effortlessly Taps Into Your Home Sound System in, "Break In"

Hailing from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Mazyn is an emerging artist that exudes his talents in the genre of Hip-hop as he taps into his emcee techniques by delivering a miscellany of heavy-hitting verses that transition to his versatility as a singer, where he offers up intimate expressions through his prevailing timbres.

With what began as writing raps in his dorm room as an Egyptian international student, he utilized his craft as a form of coping with homesickness, anxiety, and college stress. Eventually sharing his artistry with the world under the moniker Capé, it wasn’t until 2020 that he took the plunge into a rebrand where we can hear him creating melodies in his second language of English, as well as his first language of Arabic, as the evolving Mazyn.

Delving into his most recent hit single, “Break In,” Mazyn exemplifies the signature traits of a hit in the modern wave of Hip-hop today. Developing what originated as a few witty bars on TikTok, Mazyn took it upon himself to give his rapidly growing fan base what they wanted; a fully-fledged effervescent bop. As soon as you press play, the alluring hues in the instrumentation set the framework for what becomes an amplified showcase of Mazyn’s lyrical dexterity as he weaves in and out of his verses with a melismatic emphasis to his emcee traits.

“Break In,” swarms you in the reverberated essence of his vocalization as you’re fully immersed in a medley of metaphors and pungent word-play. Upon closer inspection, the lyrics being portrayed accompany the cover art in hints of this track being written as if it were a comic book come to life; all from the creative lens of Mazyn. Syncopating with each punchy cadence, the entire composition of “Break In,” has you melodically riding the waves of Mazyn as he takes hold of the helm.

Simmering in top-tier production quality, it’s hard to deny the unmatched quintessence that Mazyn brings forth. Exploring the artistic avenues that have his authentic sound intensifying, we’re looking forward to what he has in store for us next.

Could you please tell us a bit about the rebrand? What was your reasoning for changing your moniker, and does it hold a significant meaning to you?

Well, the rebrand started in late October in 2020 where I changed my name from "Capé" to "Mazyn". I had many reasons to change my name. For example, it was hard to search for Capé due to the accent on the "e" so that didn't help my visibility when it came to people searching for my music. Secondly, my family name is "Mazen" so it made sense to have a variant of that as my artist name and also introduce my Egyptian side to my audience.

“Break In,” began on TikTok and then turned into a full-on track; which we have had on repeat. What was it like building on a few bars that were specifically created for the app and adding your flair to it in order to make it a song that represents you and your brand?

I appreciate that. It started off as part of my 3-word challenge series that I've been creating content around on TikTok in which I'd be given 3 random words to make a freestyle with. The three words were "Window", "Pomegranate," and "Vintage" which turned into a freestyle skit that I recorded in my living room. I was surprised by how many people liked it and actually demanded a full version of the song so I decided to finish the full track and release it a week later.

Besides TikTok, could you please share a glimpse of the meaning behind the comic book-esque track? Does the theme stem from a moment or story?

As a kid, I used to read a lot of comic books such as Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, and more so I've always been a fan of creating a fantasy world of characters that the reader or in this case the listener can relate to. Eventually, the comic book idea was something I crafted as I went ahead and wrote the full song as it had already stemmed from a 30-second rap skit where a "thief" breaks into a producer's house and gets in the booth to record over a beat. Giving these fantasy-filled one-liners that would make sense from a thief's point of view with dialogue exchanging between the producer and the thief as one would see in a comic book.

What is the main message that you send out to your fan base through your music as a whole? Do you find that has remained consistent since rebranding?

I tend to symbolize my music as a forever blooming garden that goes through many different phases throughout the seasons. So just like a garden which goes into phases from the darkness and harshness of the cold winter nights to the shine and beauty of the summer days. In many ways, my main goal with my music is to create timeless art that can grow with someone throughout their own blooming journey and life's different chapters.

What's next for you?

World domination for sure. Well, more like continue to grow and release new music consistently until we can finally get out and have live shows and performances once again. Till then, Stay blooming.

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