MC Roads Hits Our Speakers With a Flaming Debut, "Call It What You Want"

The Detroit-based guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist MC Roads gears up for his forthcoming EP, 'No Nostalgia,' through the release of his debut single, "Call It What You Want."

After experiencing vast success with his former band Sponge, MC Roads (Mike Cross) later steered away from the music business to focus on his personal life. With a drive to continue creating music through his renowned, crunchy, and melodic guitars, MC Roads later signed with Golden Robot Records to bring his solo career to life.

Now releasing his debut single, "Call It What You Want," MC Roads and his accompanying instrumentalists serve all the raw energy and power one can find in the heart of rock music. Through his nostalgic guitars, MC Roads expands on an age-old story with a modern twist.

Hitting play on "Call It What You Want," the track opens with blistering and melodic electric guitar melodies and a hearty drum arrangement. As MC Roads begins singing with his groaning and raspy vocals, he lets listeners into a story surrounding the freedom one feels when romantically inclined with someone but also the potential blindness towards false love vs. dependency.

The supporting instrumentals bring us straight into the fire that MC Roads has willfully set, primarily through his layered and bright electric guitar that continues whaling melodies for us to savor. While the track chugs its way to the outro, MC Roads and his accompanying bandmates serve a bounty of power that leaves us feeling all the more exhilarated.

Catch MC Roads and his debut single, "Call It What You Want," on all streaming platforms, and pre