MC Roads Hits Our Speakers With a Flaming Debut, "Call It What You Want"

The Detroit-based guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist MC Roads gears up for his forthcoming EP, 'No Nostalgia,' through the release of his debut single, "Call It What You Want."

After experiencing vast success with his former band Sponge, MC Roads (Mike Cross) later steered away from the music business to focus on his personal life. With a drive to continue creating music through his renowned, crunchy, and melodic guitars, MC Roads later signed with Golden Robot Records to bring his solo career to life.

Now releasing his debut single, "Call It What You Want," MC Roads and his accompanying instrumentalists serve all the raw energy and power one can find in the heart of rock music. Through his nostalgic guitars, MC Roads expands on an age-old story with a modern twist.

Hitting play on "Call It What You Want," the track opens with blistering and melodic electric guitar melodies and a hearty drum arrangement. As MC Roads begins singing with his groaning and raspy vocals, he lets listeners into a story surrounding the freedom one feels when romantically inclined with someone but also the potential blindness towards false love vs. dependency.

The supporting instrumentals bring us straight into the fire that MC Roads has willfully set, primarily through his layered and bright electric guitar that continues whaling melodies for us to savor. While the track chugs its way to the outro, MC Roads and his accompanying bandmates serve a bounty of power that leaves us feeling all the more exhilarated.

Catch MC Roads and his debut single, "Call It What You Want," on all streaming platforms, and prepare your ears for his forthcoming debut EP, 'No Nostalgia.'

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MC Roads, and congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Call It What You Want." Why did you want to release this track as your debut to introduce your stylings to new listeners?

Well, being a former guitarist-songwriter of a pretty well-known band, I wanted to set the tone for my own music. I think it encapsulates my early influences as a guitarist, with the southern style harmonies and tones, but also starts off my new venture as now a vocalist, guitarist songwriter, on my own, no turning back!

What inspired the intense and relatable lyrical message within "Call It What You Want?"

Thank you for this question and compliment. Song words come last usually with my songs and for me are the most difficult. I know when it comes together rather easy like this one did, it's gonna work. As the chorus melody seem to show up out of thin air. I've always had that, but I've been paying much more attention to those things lately. As for the lyrics, it really describes relationship frustrations, when you find out that person is not who you think they are. I suppose we all go through this at one point. The working title in the studio was "Shallow Grave", although I felt that was a bit too on the morbid side. Lyrically it's an analogy describing two souls that will bury each other, who wins in that scenario? The personal vocal breakdown before the guitar solo is where the heart meets the road, so to speak, and the decision is made..."Call It What you Want, but It's Not Love!"

Could you take us through your recording process for "Call It What You Want?" Did you have other bandmates or session musicians help your record this track?

So the tracks for "No Nostalgia' were recorded on two-inch master tape, at the same studio where I recorded Rotting Pinata. Although it's a bit old school and cumbersome, I like the sound of analog two-inch tape. I went to Chuck Alkazian here in town to bring it to digital life. Only one guy in my current touring band, Rik the bassist, played on this particular song, as the original idea was a solo project. You know, here's Mike Cross and this is what I sound like! I did bring in some really great local musicians to help with drums, keyboards, and some guitars, etc., but for the most part, it's yours truly. I am super excited about the lineup I have now, all chosen for their good hearts, musicianship, and dedication to the music. They have really encouraged me as a frontman and so far it's been a blast.

How will your forthcoming album, 'No Nostalgia', allow new listeners to get to know you and your sound better? What sounds or concepts should we expect from the forthcoming project?

My idea for"No Nostalgia" was a bit personal to start, but it's really taken on more of an idea. When people hear the music, they say "hey, this sounds familiar, but then again maybe not". I hear that quite a lot, and I like it. I'm all about keeping what's good from the past, influences, paying homage to many great souls that came before us, and all the great music. But you know, let's all forge ahead and do your own, authentic thing. No Nostalgia! As for the Ep, the first single or two are more straight-up rock I guess, but the rest of the Ep gets a bit deeper lyrically and musically. Some of my singer-songwriter influences start to appear, with Gretsch-style guitar arrangements and darker vocal stuff. I think it's an honest set of songs. A piece of work that I'm certainly proud of and it sets up where we are going as well.



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