MC Sulek Simmers in Lust With His Latest Single, "Lujuria"

Born and raised in Mexico City, MC Sulek is a Canadian Latin/Reggaeton artist.

Moving to Toronto, Canada at a young age, where he grew up to be the man he is today, MC Sulek comes from a musical family and culture that allowed him to find his love for music early and has continued to explore that love.

Despite a strong connection to his Mexican heritage and Latin roots, MC Sulek continues to explore his sound, experimenting in Latin influenced pop, reggae, dancehall, and electronic dance music.

In his most recent single, “Lujuria,” we’re exposed to a miscellany of Latin and Urban blends that drip through the speakers in a vivacious fashion.

Teaming up with the charismatic production hues of Medylandia, the two gracefully transport vitality in the ultimate soundscape of buoyant and animated tones, “Lujuria,” issues. Walking the line of a sultry amalgamation served to listeners on a silver platter, MC Sulek uses conviction behind each word performed as he sifts in and out of verses, punching through his intricately created lyrics in a timely style with the upbeat fusion at hand.

The artistic talents that MC Sulek generously offers up, has us taking in a compulsory dosage of his Latin roots in the Spanish lyrical content emitted to his audience far and wide. Assertive with compelling tenors, you immediately become fixated on the thorough production components that allow all elements to shine in a luscious display of synergy.

The unique stylings in which MC Sulek fuses together genres are remarkable qualities. You immediately feel an assortment of sensations as you thoroughly take this single in. With the urge to dance, fall in love, and tap into your inner being, MC Sulek sets the bar as he adds a Pop flavor behind the simmering spirit of, “Lujuria.”

Congratulations on the release of your single, “Lujuria.” Could you please take us into what it was like working with Medylandia?

Thank you. I have to say that I’m blessed to be working with someone like Medylandia. He is such a talented producer but also a really good human being. We clicked from the first session we had, we understand each other so well that the vibes and chemistry are always so good in the studio. He helped me find the sound I am most comfortable with.

Could you please share what the inspiration was behind the lively ambiance in this track? What are you hoping your listeners take away from this track?

Medylandia started with the drum samples, and work his way from there. From the start, it gave me those sensual, yet mystical vibes. "Lujuria” translates into lust so we wanted to talk about that one relationship that becomes more like a physical addiction. “Lujuria” (like all my other tracks) is intended to make people vibe and dance to it. I want to say that my music is “feel-good-music”, where people can escape their reality for a short period of time and feel good, it’s amazing to see how many people connect through a song not just Latinos but anybody that gets a chance to listen to the track.

What musical and non-musical influences do you embrace at your most creative times?

Some of the musical influences I’ve had in my career have been artists such as Bruno Mars, 50 Cent, and Latin urban artists like J Balvin, Lenny Tavarez, and Daddy Yankee to name a few. Individuals that come from nothing and work hard to achieve their dreams. Individuals that have conquered the world with their art (even if it’s in Spanish). My family and personal experiences are a very vital part of my work. I always try to include my own personal experiences or from people that I know when working in my music to make them more relatable to all my fans.

What are your thoughts on the Latin music scene in Ontario, Canada?

I live in Toronto, the biggest multi-cultural city in the world, which has given me the opportunity to open up my mind to different cultures from around the world and learn from their history and experiences. Unfortunately, the Latin music scene in Canada (specifically Toronto) is still very small, it’s growing and I love to see other communities fall in love with Spanish music but we are not close to where we should be. It’s hard when we are limited in terms of opportunities and when there is a lot of competition in the market.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am currently working with Medy on my next EP. We have been in the studio working on demos and ideas. I have a better idea of what my sound is and what my audience wants so that gives us a lot more time to create. We have finished some demos so I’m just waiting on the final product to mix and master it. So hopefully you will be listening to a new single in the upcoming months.