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MCP Official Drops A Club Banger, “You Can’t Tell Me”

MCP Official is an 18-year-old Canadian emcee coming out of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He began his career releasing free music around November 2017 on Soundcloud. He became serious about it around 2019, releasing music and monetizing it. When he initially started out on SoundCloud, he was just mixing and mastering music himself. Now that he began monetizing music, he has done what every other artist does and sends it to a professional engineer. just four things this young artist wants musically:

1. Complete control of his music

2. Making music he loves and sharing it with the world

3. Becoming an artist YOU are inspired and moved by

4. To prove to not only himself but everybody else that he can be successful.

MCP Official released his latest single titled “You Can’t Tell Me” and if you’re ready for a party banger then this is the song for you! A catchy hook that will become glued to the memories of our listeners, MCP Official spits a fire delivery while still keeping the balance between dynamics subtle. He shows versatility by transitioning his verses through multiple different paces and articulations, keeping the listener on a consistent roller coaster with twists, turns, and drops at every corner! “You Can’t Tell Me” has a consistently impactful production. The beat itself goes so hard you instantly become a fan to the deep and hard-hitting bass alone. But what was super dope was how the beat didn’t transition into different dimensions instead, added an element of expansion. Creating a more augmented component to the beat. “You Can’t Tell Me” was the perfect vibe and party hit that many people will love!

Listen to “You Can’t Tell Me” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Thank you for sharing your music with us MCP! Let’s talk about your upbringing and background. How was it?

I was born and raised in Swift Current Saskatchewan, Canada... started writing music in grade 10 I was picked on a little bit in middle school but in high school, the bullying stopped.. graduated.. I proved everyone who thought I wouldn’t get my grade 12 wrong! Was a great feeling, so maybe I can prove everyone wrong when it comes to my music so I got a little more serious with my music and the seriousness is still increasing. I never had a lot of money growing up, bit I can’t complain because I am where I am now and I’m doing pretty good!

Who are some of your musical influences MCP? What ways has it impacted your artistry?

2Pac, Ice Cube, Eminem, J. Cole, Denzel Curry, and more..

These 5 artists speak/spoke the truth, they speak/spoke about life, they all stay/stayed true and throughout all the negativity they stay/positive. There thinkers and they also have fun, you gotta have fun. Well I guess maybe that’s what I think about these artists and thats just what I incorporate into my music.

Your music is dope! Have you noticed any major differences from when you were engineering yourself as opposed to the monetizing of it?

I’m on my phone emailing, a lot more than I am working in the studio.

What’s the major theme to “You Can’t Tell Me”?

I just do my own thang, I don’t fu*k with nobody, I don’t get my style or anything like that from anybody, I’m my own person. I just kinda have my own attitude imma say what I want to say how I want to say it imma do what I wanna do and there’s nothing you can tell me, you can’t tell me. 

What’s next for you MCP?

For the next little bit just introducing myself to everyone I can and gaining a fan base get people in tune with me, release a track every month or two for monetizing, and a free project on SoundCloud every year.. sometime in the month of July release a single that is being worked on right now! Jan 1st 2020 release “2020”, a free project on SoundCloud. Just keep working.


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