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Mdg 4Eva Enlists J. Harvey for the Soothing Essence of "Shiny Man"

Hailing from Dallas, Hip-hop artist Mdg 4Eva started as a producer in their hometown before moving to a small town near Austin, where their talent was soon discovered. After gaining engineering experience and lending his lyrical flex to other artists' rap tracks, they took their talents back to Dallas, where their releases are a continuation of their mission to heal through the art of Hip-hop.

Enlisting the skill set of J. Harvey to produce a smooth ambiance reminiscent of soul-infused grooves, Mdg 4Eva portrays a cognizant environment in which he flaunts his lyrical dexterity. "Shiny Man" is the latest single from this emerging artist that has been turning heads and crashing soundwaves; in the best way possible. Kicking it up a notch by slowing the tempo, the melodic hues radiated in this brilliant soundscape are both intimate and prevailing in a simultaneous fashion.

We love the fusion of Hip-hop meets R&B as the harmonious glory evokes emotion and thought-provoking tenors. What we love even more, is when two artists come together to give that musicality and element of cinema. The music video for "Shiny Man" hones in on the simplicity of visual effects as we feast upon the lyricism dispersed throughout the track while we effortlessly take in the visual presentation. Locking us into the compelling embrace of intimate scenes where Mdg 4Eva is rapping to the camera one on one, the familiarity gets brought up a level as we feel the words being spoken directly to us. Transitioning between two central scenes that give this cinematic upshot the prominence it deserves, we see Mdg 4Eva outside with some of his crew dressed in the same outfit as himself as he tells us how it is. Then taking our attention to the great outdoors where we see not only Mdg 4Eva, but J. Harvey as well, the freedom that flows through the artistry is breathtaking.

"Shiny Man" says it all in a lyrical sense that the visuals dint; need to be over the top when presenting their best foot forward. An artist duo serving up bravado and talent, Mdg 4Eva and J. Harvey brought it home with this sonic and visual escapade.



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