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Me Like Bees Shouts Out A New Rock Anthem With “All Alone”

This is rock! The drums are banging, the guitars are whaling and the lead singer is laying down the verses with skill and then BAM! surprises you as he powerfully bellows out a set of lyrics. “All Alone” is a fun jam (even with its darker context) that will have you singing and actively clapping your hands along; because really- we want to join in and be part of the chorus on this one! The song rallies you, if you were sitting down when you started listening, you’re defiantly going to be on your feet by the end- dancing, bouncing, kicking or all of the above (just don’t kick the stereo over). Their sound isn’t the only cool thing about these guys, Me Like Bees have won the Ernie Ball Ball of the Bands (cough, beating out 20,000 other acts! Cough), Toured on THE Warped Tour and recently teamed up with Image Comics (The Walking Dead) to write the accompanying soundtrack for a new comic called The Realm. Umm can we be best friends?

So there it is, you’ve got 4 lads who are radder than all rad, putting out indie rock n roll tunes that are extremely likable, cheeky- and we use this coined British term for lyrics like: “Can’t talk to the roommate he don’t pay his bills, Can’t talk to myself cuz I take my pills”. We love the dark humor! I mean if you’re “All Alone”, why not have some fun, and don’t forget to put on the macaroni! Stream “All Alone” today if you’re feeling the tiniest bit alone, and if you’re not alone, HIT IT ANYHOW because these guys rock!

Listen to "All Alone" here and get to know more about Me Like Bees below!

Hey Guys! So awesome to talk to you all! Congratulations on your latest hit “All Alone”. Can you start by introducing yourselves and what roll you have in Me Like Bees?

Lewis Brossman - drums & percussion

Jake Bennett - Bass

Pete Burton - Lead guitar

Luke Sheafer - rhythm guitar and lead vicals

Where did the name Me Like Bees come from? 

It comes from Psalm 118 in The Bible. It has a real Pulp Fiction feel that we dug

How does the creative process work for you guys? How does a song come about for you?

Well for All Alone we were kind of just jamming out together in the practice space. A lot of times that’s how our practices will go; we’ll be playing songs for our set and then someone will bring a part or a song they’ve been working on and it’ll just kind of grow from there. All Alone was really a group effort and we love the way it turned out. 

“All Alone” is a catchy tune and it really does make the listener move (hands, feet, head), it’s hard not to nod along- but the lyrics are more on the drearier side? How did you make these contrasting elements work SO well?

That’s been an M.O for us as we’ve grown as a band. We always want to write about important things and things that matter to us, but we also want our music to be fun to listen to. That’s why we like that blend and we think we are at our best when that’s happening. 

You guys are about to head out on tour this May with Peelander-Z, what are you most looking forward to being on this tour?

We’re having a blast playing music together right now as a band and any time we can get out on the road it’s a blessing. Meeting fans and the people that listen and love our music is why we do this. 


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