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Meagan Aversa Lights The Way With, "Luminescent"

Toronto based singer and songwriter Meagan Aversa creates a haunting atmosphere for her deeply personal lyrics within the music she puts forth.

Becoming a musician enchanted her life at the age of six when she first sat down in front of a piano. In high school, she played flute in her school band and found solace in her city's local music scene. At age 19, she ventured into the world of production and set her sights on becoming an audio engineer.

Now 22 years old, Meagan Aversa has graduated from two programs at Metalworks Institute with honors and works as a freelance producer and mix engineer.

The debut of her musical creations come to life with the enchanting sounds radiated in "Luminescent." In the warm and reverberated strums of acoustic guitar riffs submerging the speakers in a slow tempo sprawl of emotion, Meagan Aversa casts her vocals onto the delicate composition. As she engrosses her audience in the powerful presence she emits, it's easy to fall into the ominous soundscape that eerily lingers in a symphony of sounds complimenting each other more than the last.

By placing her profound performance over the minimalistic essence of this mainly acoustic ambiance, Meagan Aversa allows her vocals to star as the main attraction with each luxurious note portrayed. The storytelling abilities she embodies in "Luminescent" make for her songwriting talents to effortlessly jump from the sonic venture as they intrude your mind as you take in each word she allows for.

This representation of her sentiments makes it so Meagan Aversa bursts out of her intrapersonal shell and expressively unites her audience on a more intimate playing field. Meagan Aversa dabbles in a detailed manifestation, with this being her debut release. The lyrical motif of "you took all the light, just to be luminescent" has our minds provoked as we follow Meagan Aversa deeper into her creative genius that she gracefully shares.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Luminescent.” Being involved in music so extensively, how does it feel to finally have a release of your own out into the public?

It feels great, the more involved I get with music the more I love it. It’s pretty cathartic to wrap up everything I’ve learned and deliver it to the public as my own song. I’ve been a musician since I was a kid and I’ve spent the last few years learning engineering and production so it feels full circle to me.

You tend to draw inspiration from artists such as Elliott Smith, The Cure, and Pink Floyd. How do you allow this inspiration to speak into the music you put forth?

I think the coolest thing about creating music is that you get to collect parts of all the songs you love and kind of string them together and make something new. My favorite thing about music is sincerity when you hear a song and it just feels really honest and it kind of feels like the artist is trusting you with something. I feel that from all of the records I love and aside from sonics or lyrical devices I think that’s what I try to pull most from those artists.

What inspired your songwriting in, “Luminescent?"

I started to notice how many people were talking about feeling like they were running out of time to do things they want to do. It’s mostly about that, existential dread, and also people who get stuck in the past and kind of dull the present for the people around them. I deal with existentialism a lot just in my own head so it’s kind of comforting in a twisted way to know it’s a pretty common theme. For reference, I’m 22, so I also tried to work off of the irony. I wrote the lyrics more like a poem in the beginning and when I picked up my guitar it just kind of fell into place and I never changed anything about it, I wrote it about a year ago.

Tackling numerous aspects of the creative journey, do you find that you have a particular part that you enjoy more than others?

I enjoy pretty much all of the process, recording and editing your own songs can be tedious and it made me feel a little insane after a while but being able to do everything on my own terms was definitely worth it. I tend to spend a lot of time producing songs in my head as I’m writing and I’ll tweak little things over and over before I get to recording. The whole process was done from my bedroom and took me about a full week to finish from recording to mastering. This song ended up sounding exactly like it did in my head so hearing it come to life was probably my favorite part.

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

All music is open to interpretation, so I want people to be able to place themselves in my songs and make it something that belongs to them. I hope people will connect with my staff, that’s my biggest goal right now. I have a lot of songs sitting in the notes app on my phone that I’m eager to finish. I try to urge people to make music if they feel drawn to it, no matter how much music exists, no two people are going to express a sentiment in the same way. If you’re stuck in your bedroom right now I hope you try making a song.


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