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Mechanical Roots Stirs The Senses With Latest Single “Day Dream”

Mechanical Roots are as precisely tuned as a gear shift, shifting tempos and rhythms seamlessly to create a rocking journey, as they do with their latest single: “Day Dream”.Mechanical Roots brings rough guitars, strong rhythms on drums and the track doesn’t bog you down with its heavy instrumentals. The lead guitar and drums play off each other and seem to mimic the rhythm off one another- it’s a fun technique.  The lead singer lifts up the track with his soulful and harmonic voice, belting out charming lyrics. “I’ve got it all now I’ve got you”, “For you I live”, “For you I breathe,”- The lyrics throughout the song are redeeming and invigorating and leave the listener with good vibes that hug you with reassurance- whoever this song was written for is a lucky individual. 

Mechanical Roots are a threesome made up of Kev O'Brien -Vocals/guitar, Zach Gaston – Bass and Patricia Teles – Drums. Based in Los Angeles the band focuses devoting their energy into creating true musical artistry. With post-rock and alternative rock influences the trio is able to create catchy melodies and sing along hooks that invite you to join in with both your voice and your body- a true total body experience. The bands success is told within their writing and accompanying hard-rocking sound; a sound that is enjoyable for any demographic. “Day Dream” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Listen to "Day Dream" here and get to know more about Mechanical Roots below!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to chat with BuzzMusic. Can you tell our readers a bit about Mechanical Roots?

We are an Alt- Rock trio based out of Los Angeles California. Through thick and thin and the the struggle of life, we manage to keep this train moving forward. We got Kev O’Brien on Vocals and Guitar, Zach Gaston on Bass and Patricia Teles on the drums. 

We loved your hard rocking track Day Dream, the lyrics are very heart felt. Can you tell us the meaning of the song?

The meaning behind the song is about coming out of a struggle. LA can really take a toll on your mind and body. You might think you get ahead but then you fall two steps behind. Day Dream is about gaining the two extra steps and coming out on top. 

What about the LA music scene impacts your music creation?

We are surrounded by amazing bands and musicians. It helps to go out to see local shows and see all the new art that is being created. We get inspired by new ideas just by walking into a venue. 

What does your creative process look like?

We start with a skeleton of a song. Normally guitar and vocals and then end up building it from there. We work hard on bringing our ideas to life in rehearsal and then to our audience. There is no better feeling then looking out to the crowd and watching people “feel” what you created. 

What’s next on the horizon for you as a band?

The next thing we have planned is a music video for “Day Dream”. We have been working with a solid team to make this happen and will begin filming this month. After that MR hits the open road for our “Who We Are” Tour! We will not only be promoting the single, but our most recent EP Who We Are. 


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