Meeks Truly Captures What the Listeners Want

The Toronto based duo Meeks is one of those artists that are familiar with the game all too well. Knowing how to perfectly blend the styles of 2000s rap and modern hip-hop, Meeks has set out to create a finely tuned music catalog that is full of promising projects.

Out of those projects was their latest release “Fridaze”, being able to perfectly capture a vibe and hype up the listener for the weekend, Meeks knows what their crowd wants and will deliver.

Originally being created in an impromptu studio session in Toronto, “Fridaze” is the byproduct of inspiration on the spot. Both Jesse aka Meeks and Jibril come together and compliment each other with their own differences in ways that allow for their finest crafts to be created when together. Since hearing their latest craze “Fridaze”, we are thrilled about the music that Meeks is creating and cannot wait to hear what will be coming next.

You can find "Fridaze" here.

Hello  Jesse aka Meeks and Jibril, and welcome to BuzzMusic. You guys have certainly created a fun track on your latest collab "Fridaze." Can you tell our listeners more about the hit and what you wanted to achieve on the track? Fridaze originated in an impromptu studio session in Toronto last September, it’s almost as if

the record created itself. Producer Lonnie was messing around in Logic Pro, looping drum beats and melodies. As soon as the upright bass was introduced reflexively Jesse started crooning, “I’m cool like that, I’m cool like that”, and Fridaze was born. The goal of the record became crystal clear almost immediately. Let’s illustrate the methods, madness, and joy of having a party crazy vice filled blast, gearing up for the sort of tomfoolery that makes you say “I’m never going to drink again!” While also flexing our prowess. How did the two of you inevitably cross paths? Are you both connected with the same community of music makers in Toronto? The story of Jesse Aka Meeks and Jibril is one that stretches far into the past. We attended the same elementary and high school at different years although never really mingled. It’s only in the past couple years that we’ve crossed paths in the Toronto Music scene. Like “Damn bro you got nice eh?” Real recognize real, so as we started gaining traction and producing quality work it’s only natural that we’d end up crossing at some studio session or another. The mutual admiration for each other's work was really the catalyst for this collaborative effort. As you are both successful solo artists did you encounter any artistic differences when working together on "Fridaze"? Or was it surprising how easy the collaboration happened? Our styles are different, our flows are different, and that’s the best part. While Jesse chains clever drug references through and through and boasts about his ability, Jibril heavy handily and braggadocious attack the record head-on. That being said it was rather easy conveying the same feeling throughout the record. It stems from our focus on the listener, trying to create a certain atmosphere on record, making our collaboration seamless. Do you share any common artistic influences you both can relate to that lending in creating "Fridaze"? As Jesse Aka Meeks and Jibril we’re fully realized as individual artists. Of course, we love the same Hip Hop assortment of artists and records, Eminem, Chance, Drake, Nas, Jay Z, J Cole, Biggie, Outcast, Kendrick, etc. But this record wasn’t really directly influenced by our idols, rather, we’ve internalized our favorite artists' best traits and blended it into our styles at this point.