Meet the Artist Behind Hot Party Track "See Me Again"

Toño is an artist that knows exactly what he wants to achieve in his sound. His devotion to creating unique Electric/Hip Hop sounds is a passion Toño has worked long and hard on creating his music vibrant energy. Unincumbered by genre boundaries, Toño swims deep in musical exploration hunting for originality and untapped energy; he can flow into his creations.

Toño ensures the songs he creates isn't something he's done before, and even though his roots will always be planted in pop and rap music, he feels their broadness allows him to find untapped sounds within the genre's themself. His admiration for his all-time idol Charli XCX fuels his creativity and is a mutual love he shares with producer Juilan Crisostomo. Finding commonality with his producer has created a synergy between the two. Creating music with a shared goal of delivering pop banger hits from the future; Toño aspires to create music people can unleash to and experience a free-falling sensation while they jam out to his songs. With many more projects in the pipeline, we can expect to hear more colorful, vibing creations from Toño very soon. Discover "See Me Again" here.