Meet the Artist Motivating his Fans: SavageRaww

Constructing rhymes that the listener can relate to and appreciate is what our next spotlight artist: SavageRaww strives to do when creating fresh content. Coming to us from Las Vegas, Nevada, Savage has been bestowing his high octave creations and motivational artistical style to the local music scene, and they are taking notice. His tracks have garnered local awards from music showcases, and his heavy-hitting single 'Beat Me' (prod. J. Cardenas) is set to be featured in an upcoming boxing film called 'Get Up Joe.'

Never letting his mind settle, SavageRaww is continually strategizing how to implement and tackle even bigger aspirations and goals. It's this 'go-getter' attitude that is artistically reflected in his craft. SavageRaww wants his music to reflect his prowess, he wants his energy to be heard and seen by his listeners, and his edgy delivery is how he can accomplish gaining notoriety and attention. His years spent on the football field have formed positive attributes that have given him the confidence and determination to move forward with a friendly and positive stance he infuses into his art. Currently working on his next studio release, Savage has his sound set on a touchdown.

Discover "Flexxing" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic SavageRaww! We are loving the vibe you created in “Flexing”, what was it like to work with GibboBeats? What was that whole process like? How did the two of you come to meet?

Crazy to I have yet to meet GibboBeats, I would love to meet with such a great producer just to be able to connect on a different level. I stumbled on his production shopping around for new beats and there's always that something that sticks out while your shopping for anything and you tell yourself I need that whatever that is. That's how I felt when I came across his instrumental I needed it instantly.

We couldn’t help but feel that “Flexxing” is about you hustling past all the fake people, was this what the song means to you? How did you come up with the concept behind this one?

Flexxing is hustling past the fake and unoriginal   " I'm the bun with the Sesame seeds, You that sloppy a** bun from the dollar menu" basically I'm the real deal and your just a carbon copy. we not flexxing cars and jewelry, its more of a flex your muscle, if you know what your great at and nobody can tell you otherwise then let the world see it, flex your muscle and let your light shine and trust there will be plenty of haters on the way just stay focus,

Since your release “Beat Me”, how do you feel you have grown as an artist? Did you ever feel when creating your music that sometimes ideas were not the right direction? How do you decide what ideas to go with?

"Beat Me" was released for an upcoming movie called 'Get Up Joe'  but due to unfortunate circumstances the producer Deandre Robinson has passed away (R.I.P) and the song is now only featured in the short film on Amazon but since that release, I have grown a lot in the music aspect and the business aspect of my career, learning more about sync licensing, and being more creative with my voice as an artist. I don't ever think an idea is going down the wrong direction, I believe it may have been wrong timing when you think of marketing-wise, but any idea that I have known to put on paper always was coming from the heart so it does not feel forced. Your heart and mind speak to you but sometimes as humans, we are hard at listening especially when it is ourself talking. But ideas never go in the wrong direction just presented at the wrong time.

Being from Las Vegas, what are some ways you try to stick out from the hip-hop scene there? Do you have any future goals for yourself that you are striving to achieve?

By being that positive outlook for the city, there is a lot to distract us as an artist in Vegas from the lights of the casinos to the critics on social media, while everybody is usually stuck on distractions you might catch a post from me on social media trying to pull people out of it and back focused into something greater.

One of my biggest goals I'm working on is being the gate opener for the city, there is great talent in Vegas and it needs to be seen, if I can grow and make it to a point to where I can show the greatness of the city then I will.

Is there anything going on with you for 2020?

The only thing I'm really focused on this year is keeping me and my family safe and out of harm's way and I hope my followers and followers of BuzzMusic are doing the same.