Meet the Duo Delivering Smooth R&B Fusion: Maur Kii

Maur Kii is a fusion artist delivering smooth RnB vibes and charged hip-hop-inspired soundscapes that we recently witnessed on his latest releases "Jump" and "Vibes." Since studying at both Rider University and Los Angeles Film & Recording School, Maur Kii has continued to build on his professionally trained skills while honing in on his natural ability to recognize an inspiring note of sound.

His carefully produced projects are a testament to Maur Kii's attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of music production. When Maur Kii started out, the last thing he would coin himself as was a "singer," he viewed himself as a "bar for bar" rapper. Still, applying an autotune technique, Maur Kii has been able to manipulate his vocals and utilize his voice as an instrument. With "Jump" and "Vibes" out for streaming now, Maur Kii has set his sounds up for the perfect summertime listening experience. As he rides the wave of these newest releases, Maur Kii will be refocusing his writing and production talents and hopes to have fresh material for us this upcoming winter. #BUZZMUSIC