Meet the Latest Popstress Emily Daccarett

Living her best life of expressing herself through art is something designer Emily Daccarett is exploring through fashion and music. Through her music, Emily creates an immersive world of storytelling for the listener to dive into, generating relatable and emotional experiences. A graduate from the Instituto Marangoni in Paris and the prestigious Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale de La Couture Parisienne, Emily made her runway debut with Concept Shows during LA Fashion Week.

Emily is now fusing her blooming imagination of pop sounds through an immersive array of encompassing pop-synths. Her desire to change the world for the better has been a driving force within her heart since childhood. Emily hopes that her music and artistic creations enable people to see the virtue that exists through artistic expression. Her encouraging lease on life pays a reminder for others to look for the sun through the clouds. Translating her thoughts into music compositions places Emily in a state of self-reflection and exploration to carefully create a theatrical form of escapism for her listeners. We cannot wait to hear future releases from Emily Daccarett.

Discover "Love Chain" here.

Hello Emily! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Let us start by having yourself introduce yourself to our listeners, and telling us a bit more about your latest song “Love Chain.”

Hi BuzzMusic! I’m a singer/songwriter and fashion designer. I left Paris to start my fashion brand in LA and while I was getting ready for my first fashion show, I got to work with a film composer for my music and it didn’t stop there. I loved the whole process and made it a part of my brand. As time passed I wanted to try to write more pop music and that’s how my debut EP Cannibal came to be. Love Chain was going to be originally a holiday song. There was something catchy about this song and I kept going back to it. I called Peace up to see if he would be interested in working with me on developing this song into something else. By taking out the holiday cheer elements in the production, we saw that the song’s core message is about love and the hope of being in love. We began to play with these themes and the roles that our vocals would play in this song. I start out as more playful and flirty, while Klara (singer featured in Love Chain) is a bit more hesitant and careful, these roles switch by the end of the song. 

You seem to live your life through an expression of art, whether it be fashion, music, or writing. Have you always been drawn to the arts?

Yes absolutely! It’s a bit difficult to put into words, but I feel I can understand my emotions better through art. I desperately wanted to change the world when I was little and I naively thought I could, but logic and reason come with growing up. Although I cannot end pain and suffering, I want to help people see the beauty that exists through my work; to dream and look for the silver lining.  

What has been the most fulfilling lesson you have learned from the artistic community?  

I think the most fulfilling lesson to date is taking time for yourself and for your craft. As an artist, we tend to go through insane work hours, not only to meet deadlines but once creativity hits, you don’t want to stop. For an independent artist, you can (in some cases) take the time you need for your projects, for the artists who are signed, it's not always a choice. I felt this pressure to have to create and put out product collection after collection. It’s a sure way to burn out eventually. After my first six collections, I decided to take my time back for both my physical and mental health. Taking my time allowed me to get back to writing music and heal through singing.

What does the creative process look like for you? How are you able to achieve a certain vision you want to portray for a particular project?

 It usually begins with a lot of research and collecting images that inspire me for both designing and music. I’m looking for a story to tell and to create the atmosphere for it. I love film and have a background in film, which is the approach I take with my projects so they can be like a form of escapism by creating an immersive experience for people to let go and relax to.

What can we expect from you next, Emily? What are some things that have been keeping you creative, while staying at home?

I’ve been working on my first 10 song album with my friend and film composure S. Peace Nistades! I’m so excited to share what we have been working on. It feels like a culmination of my journey and the aesthetic I developed along the way.