Meet the Lover of Lyrical Poetry Marya Stark

Her celestial vocals and mother earth persona create a blossoming effect on Marya Stark's musical soundscapes. A self-proclaimed 'lover of elegance, the miraculous and the ridiculous,' Marya guides her music through a cascade of emotions and perceptions to invigorate the listener. An Arizona Native, Marya first discovered her voice while walking amongst Barell Cacti and Prickly Pear's as she scaled through an Arizona desert. A true child of mother earth, Marya has dedicated her energy to the exploration of music. This exploration has included classical music training, and in pursuing her love of myth, psyche, and sound healing, Marya dived into the study of Music Therapy. While studying Music Therapy, the training she underwent infused introspectiveness into her songwriting that she views as "encapsulating her human experience."

Her kind and loving soul frequently connects with her community of fans and students, sharing the joys of conjuring inspiration through digital and in-person connections. Her enduring sentiment to treat others with kindness, love, and respect flow through her music as a never-ending river, connecting all those who dip their feet into herMarya's musical current.

Join us in our discovery of Marya Starkand and listen to "In Between" here.