Meet the Man Behind the Music: Jon Davis

Jon Davis grew up in Colorado with his family and, from a young age, entered the creative arts scene. His first experience in the entertainment industry came at the young age of 17, where is stared in his first SAG feature film entitled "Woodshop." The project led him to act in commercials, network television, and indie films, but he knew where his creative energy belonged: music. Jon knew he had a message he wanted to deliver to the public through song. He wanted to lend his classically trained voice to the pop genre, bringing a uniqueness to the classification of pop music and filling a long-awaited vacancy. As we heard on his latest single "Easy," Jon's vocals are tuned in and effortlessly delivered, he really does make it seem… "Easy."

For Jon, he knew his vocal abilities were strong, and he started to hone in on the lyrics he was writing. He knew he had a profound message to communicate to the world, and his identity as a songwriter arose out of necessity to deliver that message. In 2019 Jon generated interest in his unique style of music, debuting at Triad Theater and signing with Sony/ATV Music Producer, Christopher' C-Ray' Roberts, and his production company OnKey Entertainment. With an exciting year ahead, Jon will be dropping a brand new studio album later this year. In addition to composing his own instrumental and lyrical elements, Jon is an artist who indeed wears his heart on his sleeve and uses the power of his pieces to communicate a message of empowerment and love.

Discover "Easy here.