Megan Mcduffee’s Cinematic Approach Makes “Time Is Running out” a Mystical Single to Enjoy

Megan McDuffee released her single titled “Time Is Running Out.” "Time Is Running Out" is sexy, atmospheric, mysterious, and elemental. “Time Is Running Out” is pushing the limits of pop music. The instrumentation was dark and dreamy while the aesthetic remained gritty. The cinematic and synthpop instrumental that “Time Is Running Out “ delivered was refreshing and new. What captivates the listener the most, however, is undeniably Megan’s haunting vocals. Megan McDuffee’s mystic vocal resonance and tone take her listener on an undeniable magical ride.

“Time Is Running Out” keeps you intuned with each arrangement and has you mesmerized by the vocals that will leave a lasting impression. What’s super neat about “Time Is Running Out” was the enigma that covered the lyricism. The meaning behind the lyrics wasn’t so one-dimensional and surface-based. It’s highly contextual and multi-dimensional so the listener can interpret many meanings from poetic lyricism. Megan McDuffee has the sound that this current market of music will love! It’s trendy but fresh. Megan McDuffee Dark-Electronic sound fused with a retro-futuristic, cyberpunk, and synthpop edge compels the listener into “Time Is Running Out”. This record will undeniably make a mainstream appeal.

Listen to “Time Is Running Out” by Megan McDuffee here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Megan McDuffee! What initially inspired you to pursue music? 

It's just one of those things that have always been with me. Growing up I started piano lessons when I was eight, had years of private voice lessons, was in world-traveling choirs, and fully immersed myself in music. I couldn't see myself doing anything else. So honestly, I'm not entirely sure where it came from. I think it was just meant to be.

Tell us about your song “Time Is Running Out”. What was the most challenging aspect in creating this record and how did you overcome the obstacle?

Since discovering Muse, I've always been in love with this song. There's something so sensual and emotional about it, and I wanted to do my own rendition. The most challenging thing on this track specifically was the flow and energy. The original is quite driving, but my version is much more drawn out and haunting. So, keeping the song moving forward was a bit of a challenge. With a few rhythmic changes and extra layers to the vocals, plus the addition of strings, the climax and choruses finally felt like they hit right. The mix was also a challenge, but I spent a lot of time fine-tuning and made everything meld.

How would you describe your creative process towards “Time Is Running Out”?

First off, I knew it had to fit with the theme and pacing of the rest of the album (which is overtly sexy, gritty, synthpop). The visual I kept in my mind throughout the creation of this album was one of a lounge singer, purring and writhing on stage, in some neon-lit seedy cyberpunk club. Therefore, I knew this song would need to be very smooth, sensual, and haunting. Once I locked in the concept, I arranged instruments and synths to best fit the vision - smooth bass, nice round kick drum, pulsing synths, etc. The visual and concept kept everything on the right track.

What inspired the song’s name? How does it reflect the song’s meaning?

As this is a cover song, I believe the original is about addiction. With the album concept though, I took it in a slightly more specific direction: addiction TO a person. The title reflects the volatile nature of obsession.

What are you looking forward to this year of 2020 Megan McDuffee?

Many things! I've got 4-5 video game scores lined up, as well as a couple of voiceover jobs, and of course, releasing an album of my own original music. It's going to be a very busy year! Can't wait.