Megan Steinke’s “Everywhere You Go” Music Video Is OUT NOW!

Megan Steinke is a jazz and soul inspired singer/songwriter from San Jose, California. Her passion for music began in a funny way, when she was 17 her sister wanted to record some Christmas songs as a gift for their Mom. Megan experimented with writing her own songs and her passion grew from there. She currently performs around the Central Coast and produces/records her own music. Megan’s album "Another Side" was released in Feb 2019, showcasing her piano/guitar playing, smooth vocals, and collaborations with other rising artists. Megan writes about her experiences, her faith, and her dreams. Megan wants to be real in her music and in her messages, and her Christian faith inspires a lot of her lyrics. She also uses music to vent about inner conflict and hardships. Her musical inspirations come from old and new artists, including Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, Lianne La Havas, and many more. 

“Everywhere You Go” is a spectacular single from Megan Steinke. The music video features gorgeous landscapes and settings that seem to match Megan’s soulful energy. Part of the music video as filmed at Guitar Showcase in San Jose, the same place Megan bought her first guitar! The song weaves through storytelling elements of Megan’s deep connection with that guitar. With the stunning visuals, we’re blessed with Megan Steinke’s effortless and flawless performance and overall chill, jazzy vibe. She’s equipped with a contagious energy that makes you sing along and feel right at home. Her craft is finely-tuned beyond her years and the video for “Everywhere You Go” gives us a small glimpse at who Megan is as an artist. “Everywhere You Go” spreads an energy of acceptance and positivity and we can’t get enough. We love what this young up and comer brings to the table and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next. 

Check out “Everywhere You Go” here and the incredible visuals below! 

Keep scrolling for Megan Steinke’s chat with BuzzMusic!

Hi Megan! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the music video for “Everywhere You Go”, it’s so creative! Was this your first experience filming like this? Tell us more about it!

This was my first time filming with my videographer (Nicholas Domaguing), and it was such a cool experience! He’s had so much experience with music videos, and he really helped me by asking about the meaning of the song and how we can translate that into a video. A lot of the scenes we shot were planned, but many of them were also spontaneous. For example, we stumbled across a carousel at the park we filmed near, and I thought it would be perfect to add even more fun and innocence to the video! I’m also thankful I got to work with someone who made my own vision come to life, like that beginning scene with the headphones coming out, or my mom coming in at the end of the video. Aside from ideas, the actual filming took basically two full days of filming and running around, which was tiring but worth it!

Where were the outdoor scenes in “Everywhere You Go” filmed?

Those outdoor scenes in the beginning were filmed in Vasona Park in San Jose, which is also where the carousel scene was! We found a little hidden nook there for the performance shots, which was really cool and perfect for lighting. The later sunset shots are at the top of a place in San Jose called Communications Hill – I love that place, super beautiful and nice to visit for a good city view.   

You seem extremely comfortable and natural in front of the camera, what were you feeling during the shoot?

Honestly I was feeling very relaxed, and had a lot of fun with it. Nicholas gave me pointers here and there about performing, but it all felt very natural. Since I’ve had experience with music video performing in the past with “Another Side (feat. Rachel Steinke),” I’ve become more and more used to performing to a lens. I owe thanks to one of my best friends Michelle Johnson for being the first to film a video for me (and do photoshoots with me), because she gave me so much helpful instruction from behind the camera and made me comfortable with it.

What inspired you to go to Guitar Showcase as part of this video? What does that guitar shop mean to you?

This guitar shop is special to me because it’s local to my home. I love it there because it’s small, and it reminds me of when my dad would take me there when I was younger. It’s such a welcoming place, and they were beyond willing to let us film there. It’s also special to me because it’s where I found my Ibanez guitar. I had only been playing my mom’s old acoustic before this, and when I laid eyes on this electric I fell in love.

What’s your favorite part in the video? 

I have a lot of favorite moments, but strangely one of my absolute favorite moments is right after I take out my headphones in the beginning. There is just a moment of silence before the song where I’m thinking and looking out, and I just think it’s a beautiful day-dreaming moment. During the video, I also love the moments of me walking in the grassy fields. Overall I’m super happy with the effect of it all!


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