Megan Wallace Shines Like a Ray of Light in, "2 of Us"

Las Vegas-based singer-songwriter, recording artist, and entrepreneur Megan Wallace releases her sweet and lighthearted sophomore single, "2 of Us."

With help from her partnership with artist development team Thomas Barsoe of OC Hit and Dani Thompson of DNT Entertainment, Megan Wallace was able to co-found her independent label alongside father Robert Wallace to create MW Entertainment. Wallace is passionate about leading with kindness, and her bright tunes are a perfect example.

Now releasing her passionate and upbeat single, "2 of Us," Megan Wallace wanted the song to exude positive energy while leaving listeners daydreaming about a summer romance. Produced by Robbie Dean of OC Hit, the beaming pop sonics offer a catchy and familiar vibe equally as irresistible as it is uplifting.

Beginning our venture into "2 of Us," the track kicks off with a reverbed and lush electric guitar alongside fluttery background synths and the anticipated drum breaks. As Megan Wallace begins to serenade us with her soothing and melodic vocals, she jumps into the pre-hook while explaining how she'll never get enough of someone and their magnetic ways. We love the bright and anthemic hook, as Megan Wallace belts her vocals with slight autotune to make for a modern and engaging listening experience.

We can't get enough of Megan Wallace's passionate lyrics, as she uses her alluring vocal stylings to depict incredibly romantic scenes that leave us in need of a refreshing wave of new love. As the song comes to a quick close, Megan Wallace leaves us without a worry in the world, as all our woes instantly vanished after hitting the play button.

Get your dose of Megan Wallace through her fresh and lively single, "2 of Us," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We LOVE your new single, "2 of Us!" Can you tell us more about this song and why you wrote it?

Megan Wallace: I wanted "2 of Us" to be a really fun, lighthearted song that anyone can relate to. I wanted the vibe of summer to be apparent in the song, and it was intended to make the listener think of that one special person! It's the perfect song to listen to with the top down on the way to the beach.

What's your songwriting process like?

Megan Wallace: What I love most about being a musician is the ability to create and help others. Normally, I figure out my concept and the idea of what I want the song to be about. I then connect it to emotion and think of any ways I can add clever symbolism or metaphors in it. I then determine what type of sound I want that will correlate with the emotion and message. Once I figure that out, I will work with my team and we will lay some production down and it all starts to flow. I want people to be able to hear my music and feel good, relate, and most importantly feel the magic...because that is what music is essential, MAGIC!

How did you first get into singing?

Megan Wallace: I have been singing as long as I can remember. Watching the Broadway play "Phantom of the Opera" is what inspired me to start music. I was so taken back by the beautiful costumes, storyline, and vocals that I fell in love with it. Even so much as when I was very little, if my parents asked me a question, I would answer back in my best opera voice since all I wanted to be was like Christine.

Growing up in Las Vegas, did you have a lot of performance opportunities?

Megan Wallace: Yes! I perform around the Las Vegas Strip regularly. I have performed at the Palazzo Theater, House of Blues main music hall, Treasure Island, The Plaza, Lake Las Vegas, Margaritaville, and many more venues. On average these venues have anywhere from 300-1500 people.

Wow, Those are incredible venues! Where else would you want to perform?

Megan Wallace: I would love to perform at Wembley Stadium because so many incredible music legends that I look up to have performed there! It would be ethereal to do the same. I would also love to perform at Rockefeller Center, the Alex Theater, and the Arena stage for sure!

You recently performed at New Orleans House of Blues. What was that experience like?

Megan Wallace: The performance was actually the night before hurricane Ida hit. It will always be one of my most memorable performances. The emcee even commented, "There's nothing like a pre-hurricane performance!", which is so true. The venue had such a buzzing vibe and we all felt like we were in it together so why not just enjoy the moment. It was kind of ironic because it reminded me of the band on the Titanic and how they kept entertaining and having fun, despite their looming doom. I wish to be able to convey this vibe and sense of family in my music. Because I experienced Hurricane Ida firsthand, I was able to see how detrimental these storms are to people and their cities. Now, I want to support the World Central Kitchen. They are a group of chefs that respond during natural disasters/war and provide food and help to the people who need it.

That's so great that you're putting your energy into helping others. Is this something that has been a part of your life?

Megan Wallace: I am a student ambassador for a non-profit arts organization called Positively Arts. My values are to always be kind despite the circumstances and to always find the good in every situation.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Megan Wallace: I would love to collaboratte with Dua Lipa. Her voice is so unique, and I love how all her songs are so happy and truly hits. She brings great energy and emotion to anyone who listens to her and it would be incredible to collaborate with her. It would also be incredible to collaborate with Madison Beer. Her artistry is so unique and I feel like our voices would fit together so perfectly. I love how she takes those creative jumps in her music.


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