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Meghan Pulles Shines a Light in the Unknown With Her Latest Release “How Much Longer"

Florida based Folk artist Meghan Pulles began her musical career when she had classically studied opera singing and theatre acting before transitioning into being a singer/songwriter when she had turned 8.

Since discovering her love for songwriting, Meghan Pulles has channeled in the energy of musical healing and spirituality in her songwriting to create music that she hopes will help mentally aid individuals.

Giving us another glimmer of hope, Meghan Pulles recently released her single “How Much Longer” and it is the perfect spiritual relaxation tune to listen to while going through the ongoing pandemic.

“How Much Longer” sheds a shimmer of light on the fear of the unknown, Meghan Pulles uses her storytelling songwriting to pull us into a calm, soothing soundscape where we felt momentarily like we were at peace. Holding us on to hope, “How Much longer” features a delicate banjo that beautifully lays down a bed of clouds for Meghan Pull’s enriched honest vocals to sit on top and sing straight to our hearts. At its core “How Much Longer” is a raw take on positivity and we think that this little sparkle of hope can help make us all feel a little better day by day.

Be sure to listen to “How Much Longer” here.


Hello Meghan Pulles! We are loving the shimmer of hope you have in “How Much Longer”, what are some ways that you have been trying to stay positive throughout all of the unknown that is currently happening?

During quarantine, I have really done some self-transformation work emotionally, mentally, and physically. I started exercising regularly and I’ve also started practicing meditation and gratitude daily. These things have really strengthened my core confidence, and have made me stronger as a person. Musically, I have been writing soooo much, one maybe two sometimes three songs a day and it all just seems to flow very easily. I have also been working on my guitar chops, and I started playing the banjo and writing on the banjo too, a lot has really changed for the better in a negative situation like COVID19. I also have done a lot of live stream performances including one on my birthday back in April which has been a great way to put out positive energy into the world with my music and share my new material.  Your musical style seems to be about providing small miracles to the world through song, what was the inspiration behind this idea? How does your own music help you keep going?

The inspiration behind this idea actually came from my friend Sharmila who is an experienced journalist and has an incredible way with words. When she sent this to me as an idea, it really resonated like yea this is what I do. I try to take these experiences that happen to me, and put them out there honestly to the world and bring magic and healing to it. My own music helps me stay grounded emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. It’s like a practice of self-love and self-care for myself all in one. It’s a way for me to connect with my inner self, process my feelings, and turn them into a story or conversation put to music. It’s a way for me to heal different emotions inwardly. Within “How Much Longer”, your use of the banjo perfectly compliments your voice, do you find yourself writing on the banjo often? What is your recording process like?

This is actually the first song I’ve ever written on the banjo because I’ve only been playing the banjo for 3 months. For the past couple of years I have been wanting to learn how to play it, and finally for my 31st birthday this year, my boyfriend got me one. Immediately upon opening it, I felt like I was being reintroduced to an old friend and picked it up and started writing on it. This recording process was different since it was in my bedroom. I finally invested in a home studio setup since I didn’t know when I would be able to go into the real studio, and I wanted to also push myself outside of my comfort zone. I recorded the track in my bedroom myself, sent it over to my producer, and worked the magic production. It’s amazing to hear that you were classically trained as an opera singer, how has that whole experience helped shape the artist that you are today and the music you are creating? 

I think that experience has really helped shape who I am, not just with my voice but also with my work ethic. I am writing and creating and singing nonstop, and I think I have such a drive for what I do, and I’m not going to stop. I think going to a Music School taught me that this world is very competitive and you have to keep going and going and going, so I am grateful for those lessons. I think my opera training has helped shape my voice and it’s timbre which makes me unique with my classical background in the vocals. Are you planning any other releases for 2020?

Yes! I would love to try to do another EP of songs I’ve recorded in my bedroom so stay tuned for that as well as something Christmas again maybe ;)



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