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Meka’s “Delivery” Featuring Moose Is A Track That Is Filled With Off The Hook Lyrics

21 year old Meka from Nothern Virginia is a D1 basketball player who changed paths and became an artist. With a large following of listeners from across the world, Meka’s use of a variety of styles and genres makes his self-mixed and mastered music even more impressive. Meka has been influenced by artists such as Drake, XXTENATCION and Gunna while trying to create a sound that is unique and boosts him to the top of the music industry along with an extremely recognizable name.

In “Delivery”, Meka utilizes the lower notes of the piano to emphasize his initial beat, and has a variety of sounds that gradually make an entrance throughout the song, as well as various subtle vocalization additions to accompany the main rap sections. Meka and Moose have collaborated to create a driving track that is packed full with lyrics that leave the audience wanting to hear more lyrical savagery as both artists are able to drop lines like it’s nobody’s business. I love the gradual build-up of intensity that is found in “Delivery”, leaving you in suspense for something specific to arrive – more talent that we can handle as this pair works extremely well together. The use of metaphors that Meka uses throughout “Delivery” really draws listeners in as many of the lines are relatable and I love the use of famous lines like “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” which gives an added layer of relatability for the audience. Overall, this duo have created a collaborative track that brings forward a high level of skill, writing ability, and is a song that I highly recommend you add to your daily playlist for music that gets the body bumping.

Listen to "Delivery" here and get to know more about Meka in our interview below!

Hey Meka! Love the sound you have created! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m a 21 year old kid from the 703 (Northern VA). I played D1 basketball at VMI and then I decided to pursue music. I couldn’t get into studios when I was starting out so I decided to do everything myself from writing and recording to mixing and mastering. You hear me talk about “the family” in a lot of my songs, that’s just what I call my actual family plus some people who have become my brothers through life. Family means everything to me. I’m even managed by one of my best friends since middle school named Miles Lucas. He’s been a huge part of getting me to where I am now, and him and I are going straight to the top. 

What was the first moment that you fell in love with music?

I don’t know if I can name a single moment that I fell in love with music. I just remember music always having a special effect on me and no matter what I’ve been going through, music is always a reliable getaway for me to turn to. I started playing piano while I was at VMI because the piano was in the church and they didn’t haze us in there. My mom listens to a lot of classic rock so I think you can hear some of that inspiration in my music. I love all types of different music. 

Tell us the meaning behind the lyrics in “Delivery”!

Delivery is just a fun song I came up with right after I heard the beat. The producer, Kiwaev, posted it on Instagram and asked “who do y’all hear on this beat?” and I replied “me” so he sent it to me and I ripped it right away. The basic premise of delivery is just that I’ll always deliver no matter what. Whether I have distractions, whether I have no help, or whether other people are trying to stop me. I’ll always deliver. As soon as I recorded it I knew I had to send it to my boy Moo$e because that’s his type of beat. I actually went to his house to record him and mixed it that night. 

How did you decide on creating your unique and eclectic sound?

I never really “decided” to create my sound, I just wanted to make music that I like. Like I said, I listen to a lot of different types of music so why not make a lot of different types of music? XXXTENTACION and Drake are my favorite artists because of their versatility.  People get tired of the same old flows very quickly. Nowadays you need versatility to last in the game.

Can we expect to see any new music or performances from you in 2019?

My manager and I are working on scheduling performances but right now we’re focused on my mixtape. I’m planning on releasing a tape in July called “Off the Rails”. It’s called that for a few different reasons, the main one being that it contains a bunch of different genres. It’s my way of saying people can’t keep me in one lane. 


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