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Mel Glizzy Released His Single “Be Happy”

Mel Glizzy is a 19 year old Bronx born & raised artist who’s been overcoming adversity, and poverty. Although he’s so young, he has a story to tell and a voice to be heard. Mel Glizzy shows this in his new single, “Be Happy”. In this record, Mel Glizzy talks about his feelings towards a crush of his. A rap love ballad, Mel Glizzy channels in the correct amount of passion and true heart-rendering emotions for this girl. However, this song seems to go in various different lyrical interpretations. The hook says, “All I really want, is to be happy”. A thought-provoking hook, highly relatable to many listeners.

Mel Glizzy can serve as a voice to the younger-generation, delivering relatable hits, with catchy tunes. He’s young but he has a lot to tell and an interesting sense of professionalism to his artistry. It’s displayed in “Be Happy”, on how far more advance he sounds. This is just the beginning of his career and that is quite obvious. Mel Glizzy’s record “Be Happy” was not only romantically driven, but the vibes were soothing. It created a calming, and chilled atmosphere while listening to this track. Mel Glizzy might have found his niche in music, but if he continues to develop as an artist, he will become unstoppable for many!

Listen to "Be Happy" here and get to know more about Mel Glizzy below!

Be Happy” seems to have a strong lyrical approach to it. What is this song about?

“Be Happy “ is honestly about me and one of my past relationships. I was going through a very difficult time with my ex i had caught her cheating on me at the time. this was one of my first real relationships & it was traumatizing . 

Is there a special someone who inspired you to write this record?

I wouldn’t say my ex inspired me too write this song but she definitely gave me something to write about , It was More of the situation that inspired me too let people know what i was going through so they wouldn’t have to go through the same thing i did. Also Mary J. Blige inspired me too. When i came across the beat It Just Instantly Hit Me That I had To Remix it , So Shouts Out To Her For That. 

What was the emotion you had to channel in while writing this song?

while writing this song I guess you could say I had to Channel the pain I felt at the time of the breakup. That feeling pushed me to write.

What is the impact you want this song to leave on its listeners?

The impact I want this song to leave on listeners is no matter what the situation your going through with your significant other don’t let nothing stop you from being happy !! .. and if you feel like that person doesn’t deserve you leave them because they clearly don’t have the same intentions as you if they don’t want to see you “Be Happy"

What’s next for you Mel?

I would Say The Next Thing For Me is definitely a lot More new Music. I’m working on an EP at the moment that will be dropping sometime in the near future So Stay Tune For That I Love All My Fans & supporters you all Make me want to keep going I wouldn’t be where I am without any of you guys


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