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MELA Has Our Attention With New Single "I Tried"

MELA also known as Megan Elise Kelly, hails from the East Coast as a indie-pop Singer and Songwriter. Megan is well known for her writing in film, advertisements and television. After releasing a few singles under Megan Elise Kelly, her team helped her decide that a new name was needed for her solo career. And from there birthed MELA. MELA’s sounds are reminiscent of Dgny, Verite, and even Lykke Li. This indie-pop singer has surely proven that her vocals and lyrics are some that will not be bypassed.

When I saw the name of the song, I immediately passed judgement. This is a track stating exactly what is says, “I Tried”. And I was right! But what I was not ready for was MELA’s vocals. She sounds like an angel. Her range and tone sets her apart from others in her genre. The production of the song alone gives you an array of instruments that work simultaneously work together to enhance her already beautiful voice. I can feel and hear the pain, the growth, and finally moving on from her past. “I Tried” gave me an inspirational story with a wonderful melody to back it. 3 thumbs up!

Listen to "I Tried" here and get to know MELA in our interview below!

Hey MELA! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Absolutely! First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to me! My name is Megan, but on stage I go by MELA. I am an indie pop musician and songwriter from New York City.

When did you realize you wanted to write music and why?

Well, I started taking violin lessons right around my 5th birthday, and I’ve loved music ever since. Around 7th or 8th grade I realized that I wanted to sing, and I started writing songs, but I couldn’t accompany myself with just the violin, so I taught myself guitar and drums. Music has always been the best release for me. Sometimes I feel like I am better at communicating my thoughts and feelings through music. Now, I write songs for TV/Ads and Film, as well as for myself. The MELA project is personal and only for me, and anyone who wants to listen, of course!

What would you say the writing difference would be in Music vs Ads/Film?

When writing a song specifically for Ads/Film, you have to consider several factors. What is happening in the scene? What kind of emotion are we trying to get the audience to feel? What is the call to action? What kind of lyrics will help accentuate the visual elements? It’s an incredibly fun and rewarding challenge, but when I write music just for me….it’s less about thinking, and a lot more about feeling.

“I Tried” carries a lot of past pains and even growth. What would say drives you the most in your writing?

Without even consciously realizing it when it’s happening, I think my song writing is really driven by relatability. I know when I hear music that I can relate to, it has this incredible power to change my mood, and maybe even my mindset. Relatable music is the soundtrack to our lives, and it’s my ultimate goal to write songs that people can connect with; and make their own. ‘I Tried’ is about finding strength in a dark time, and then using it to empower yourself to move on. It’s about acknowledging the journey we have to go on sometimes just to be okay with exactly where we are today.

What can we expect to hear or see from you in this year?

This year is going to be big for the Melateam! I am working on a 5 song EP that will come out in March, and I am currently setting up a series of live shows. Can’t wait to hit the stage and play this new music live for everyone. Follow on Spotify or Instagram for updates! @itsmelamusic 


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